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A clean desk

Today I cleaned out my desk drawer at work. It had been way to long and was so gross. I started because I was pulling things out while looking for a thank you card, and it snowballed to the point of no return so I had to finish. And you know what. It’s amazing!

I know, I know… My life is sooooo thrilling.



I usually bring backup clothes/shoes with me to the gym to curb my fear of forgetting something (happened), realizing that what I brought was dirty (also happened), having clothes that are inappropriate to my days schedule (I changed my shirt in the parking lot of Community Services Agency just last week) or uncomfortable (yep). This morning the first pair of shoes I had on hurt my previously injured foot, so I changed to a backup pair of boots that happened to be in my bag (FYI: my purse is filled with an extra shirt and sweater, just in case my dress shirt and vest – yes vest – start to feel too binding.
When I stuck my foot in my boot I was shocked to find this:


Now… I am sure Josephine stuffed this in my shoe. What I am not sure about, however, is where this delightful big eyed plastic pony came from. I certainly did not buy it, yet here it is in my shoe at 7:30 on a Tuesday morning. Is it yours? Want it back after it has been living in my boot? No?! Ok, guess I’ll just keep it then.
Oh, and because I know you just can’t live without it… The Vest:



I am on a treadmill at the gym as I type walking quickly and trying to type on my phone. I am also watching the cake decorating show on the Food Network, which is funny to me.
Wednesday night I hurt my shoulder inexplicably and yesterday when I tried to swim I couldn’t use it without it hurting. So here I am. First time on the gym floor. I’m probably breaking some rule by using my phone, but oh well. Signing off….
I almost fell off the treadmill right after I posted this… No more typing while treading for me! Geeze!

Back To It

Well, back to the daily grind. 6:11 am, warming my car up, heading to the gym.
At least the sunrise is pretty.

Can’t say the same for myself at this time of day.



The weekend cannot come too quickly for me this week. What a doozy! We are hiring at work for our Alcohol and Other Drug Diversion Program and have been interviewing prospective employees, plus quarterly reports are due in three of my programs on Tuesday, and I received some slightly distressing (although not the end of the world) news from one of our partners, which I can’t really do anything about this week, but the stress of the meeting next week to clear things up is daunting. That coupled with the fact that I have been going to bed later than usual (what’s up 1:00 am on Wednesday night?), and having stressmares (which is not actually a nightmare, but a stressful, unsettling dream that wakes me up just about 5 am, an hour that feels too early to get up, but too late to go back to sleep, as I have to be up at 6) and well, there you have it.

This weekend my agenda is as follows: play, play, bake, dinner with friends, sleep, play, play, play with friends, cook dinner, sleep. I might throw in a little barn organization on Saturday if I feel up to it, but really, why bother? I’ll get more done next week if I relax this weekend, right?! And now, countdown to weekend!

Josephine’s Mommy Works

This week I bought this children’s book at the thrift store because the title made me laugh.

After closer inspection I realized that it was really speaking to me