Welcome back, Pansy

Well, how long has it been… 6, maybe 7 months since my last post. ‘Bout time to start it up again. Wanna guess why? Oh, I’ll just tell you, ok? It’s a mixture of things (one being a mighty nice push from a mighty nice friend named Grace. Here’s to you, Grace!), but mostly it’s because yesterday I spent four hours outside doing stuff with the love of my life, Taylor, and I almost died (when I typed that it autocorrected to alarmist, ha!). We were running fencing, mending fences and starting to clear out the chicken coop, and as soon as we started I felt like I was going to pass out. I almost threw up, I got all sweaty and panicky. Gross. I worked, but I also whined and had to go in the house every twenty minutes to cool down and drink water. Wimp style.
Now, I’m figuring it was from the sun (I was running errands in the morning and we didn’t get out until noon thirty), but come ON! It was hot, but breezy. What the heck?
And so I’ve realized that I just am not outside enough this year to have accustomized (ooh, I like making myself up some words) to sun, heat and gorgeous country views. The LAZY part took over and the LIVING… well, not so much.
At one time Taylor said to me, and I quote, “Come on, Emily. And you call yourself a country wife (a # I like to use frequently on my Instagram ). I thought you wanted to go from lazy to living?”
Ugh. Blog thrown right in my sweaty, sunburned face. Serves me right. I can’t only keep this up when I’m hittin’ shit hard (what? I live in Valley Home, indiscriminate use of the word shit comes with the territory). I’ve got to keep it up when I’m not. Because that’s how it works.
And for full disclosure, you should all know: I’m losing the war on thistles. But I did irrigate mostly successfully by myself last week. Counts for something, right?
See you around kind folks! I’m sure you missed my over use of parenthesis and multiple postings on thistles.
Signed, the lazy country wife


5 responses to “Welcome back, Pansy

  1. Oh Emily ….. You’re such a GIRL !

  2. I’m so glad you’re back, I’ve missed your blog!

  3. welcome back! and here’s to YOU!

    • whoops! that was me;-)

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