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Me Time!

Last week Taylor surprised me with a day all to myself. When I woke up he told me I had two surprises. The first was a hair appointment to get my hairs dyed and cut (he must have had a hint that I was feeling a mess). It was amazing to get my hair done! I hadn’t cut my hair in a year or so (what? I told you I was lazy).

Next up was an appointment to get an hour long massage. Seriously. It was pure heaven. I was so relaxed at the end that I forgot who I was… It was just what I needed. My neck has been superiorly fucked up lately, and now I feel freaking fantastic! Taylor planned to have Josephine stay at his moms house, so we went to dinner at the toddler unfriendly time of 7:30! I know, it’s like we were teenagers again! Party over here!
But seriously, folks. It was really really nice of Taylor to treat me to a day where I was getting pampered. I don’t take time for myself really at all. From the moment I get up until I drop into bed I am mostly doing things for other people (although I suppose I am cleaning the house for my own benefit too, but you know what I mean). I understand why people say you have to put yourself at the top of the list sometimes, but I also know why so many moms just don’t. Or feel like they can’t.
Being a mom (a parent in general) is non stop work. Joyful work, yes, but work nonetheless. It is easy to forget to nurture yourself when you are busy nurturing your little one. It’s easy to put self care off because, well, you know babies grow quick so you better cherish the time, play and get dirty with your child, teach her life lessons, manners, empathy, make meals and give baths, make time for the messy stuff like painting, muddy puddles, running wild, and plus the dishes need to be done, the floor needs swept, that bathroom is dirty again, and those weeds don’t pull themselves you know! And then for some of us there is our outside of the house job too. Reports, meetings, data collection, meetings, strategic plans, more meetings. Phew!
So thank you Taylor, for remembering that sometimes a mama needs to feel like a lady too. And for seeing what I need, even when I don’t have the time or the forethought to ask for it. Thank you for being so thoughtful and proactive. Thank you for forcing me out of mama mode every once in a while when I get completely sucked in. Thank you for being. I love you. Your crazy fast mind thinks of everything!
Oh, and p.s. If you need a haircut, Irene is amazing. Email me if you want her info. And for an out of this world massage, Michelle at Zenia’s Yoga and Massage is so, so good.
And now, back to life…..


Josephine’s Mommy Works

This week I bought this children’s book at the thrift store because the title made me laugh.

After closer inspection I realized that it was really speaking to me