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I usually bring backup clothes/shoes with me to the gym to curb my fear of forgetting something (happened), realizing that what I brought was dirty (also happened), having clothes that are inappropriate to my days schedule (I changed my shirt in the parking lot of Community Services Agency just last week) or uncomfortable (yep). This morning the first pair of shoes I had on hurt my previously injured foot, so I changed to a backup pair of boots that happened to be in my bag (FYI: my purse is filled with an extra shirt and sweater, just in case my dress shirt and vest – yes vest – start to feel too binding.
When I stuck my foot in my boot I was shocked to find this:


Now… I am sure Josephine stuffed this in my shoe. What I am not sure about, however, is where this delightful big eyed plastic pony came from. I certainly did not buy it, yet here it is in my shoe at 7:30 on a Tuesday morning. Is it yours? Want it back after it has been living in my boot? No?! Ok, guess I’ll just keep it then.
Oh, and because I know you just can’t live without it… The Vest:



I’ll spend my days at the office, sing a little bit of these working mom blues

Last night when I went to Grammy Jane’s house after work, Josephine took one look at me and screamed, “NO! DON’T TAKE ME!!!” When it was time to leave, she cried and said, “I want stay here.” When we got home and were brushing our teeth she told me, “I no want be here. I want go to Grammy’s”. When we were putting on pajamas she told me, “Grammy is happy.” When I asked her what mama was (I know, I shouldn’t have asked) she said, “Mama is mean.”
After story time, as we were getting ready to go to bed, she said in her sweet voice, “Mama, you be here in morning? You no go to work eeever again.” (FYI: eeever rhymes with fever in Josephine talk). Then she looked at me and said, “Now you say, ‘Have to go work’.”
I didn’t realize how often we have the Mama’s going to work tomorrow conversation. So much so that she can recite both our parts to me. Luckily, this time I got to end it with, “I’ll be here tomorrow because it’s the weekend. I’ll see you when you wake up. I love you.”
Dang. Now, who wants to give me a shit ton on money so I can stay home and never have to have that conversation again? Happy weekend everyone…

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Yesterday my sweet little Josephine was rocking on a rocking horse watching her cousin Emmett play with some necklaces when she exclaimed, “I going to hit baby Emmett. Those are MY necklaces!”. Um, really?
This morning she woke up, happy as a clam, and exclaimed, “I share my Winnie (one of her top three stuffed animals) with baby Emmett!”.
She proceeded to share not only Winnie, but also her new garage sale score tree house with her cousin. Oh, the ups and downs of a two year old!

On another note, check out this awesome dragon costume we found at the same yard sale!


It’s the Little Things…

So this was one of those rare weekends where I had minimal plans, visited with friends, and got quite a few things accomplished! I feel back on track and ready to go! Let’s hear it for low expectations!
Remember my list of weekend goals from a few weeks back? (Of course you don’t, but I’ll wait while you look back through the blog posts. You’re welcome. Yes, I am very patient. Thank you. And welcome back). Well, the weeding around the playground, DONE!, and I started on the fire pit (because with fall – and my 30th birthday – knocking at our door, we need to be prepared for bonfires). I also put all my clothes away, other than my pants because I need probably 3-4 more drawers (anyone have a dresser for sale?).   And I organized the sun room a little bit.  And I made a cool home made birthday present for my friend’s son (more to come on that later). 

Josephine "helping" by drawing circles on paper and throwing pens all around.

I think Josephine is finally at the age where I can sort of get tasks done while she plays around me. Sure, there is a mess to clean up afterwards, usually a big , greusome, so much messiness that it is hilarious mess, and it takes me about 15 times as long to do anything at all, but progress is progress.  She is growing up so quickly, I need to just remember to cherish these times of her needing me and wanting me around.  Because she has already started giving me those nasty dirty looks, and they are not going to be nearly as cute as when she is 15. 

This is while I was making the birthday present. Oh, the mess. The cute, cute mess!

I left the weekend feeling very accomplished, although my house still needs dusted and the bathroom needs to be cleaned (again).  All I need is 15 more weekends like this, and I should be all caught up 🙂  And yes, in case you were wondering, I am bragging about my accomplishments.  Because I said originally that I was going to talk about my successes, and so I am taking this one.  However teeny tiny it may be.
Oh, and as a side note, we went to Josephine’s friend Adele’s second birthday party this weekend, and wow…2 year olds and bounce houses.  SO MUCH FUN!!!