I usually bring backup clothes/shoes with me to the gym to curb my fear of forgetting something (happened), realizing that what I brought was dirty (also happened), having clothes that are inappropriate to my days schedule (I changed my shirt in the parking lot of Community Services Agency just last week) or uncomfortable (yep). This morning the first pair of shoes I had on hurt my previously injured foot, so I changed to a backup pair of boots that happened to be in my bag (FYI: my purse is filled with an extra shirt and sweater, just in case my dress shirt and vest – yes vest – start to feel too binding.
When I stuck my foot in my boot I was shocked to find this:


Now… I am sure Josephine stuffed this in my shoe. What I am not sure about, however, is where this delightful big eyed plastic pony came from. I certainly did not buy it, yet here it is in my shoe at 7:30 on a Tuesday morning. Is it yours? Want it back after it has been living in my boot? No?! Ok, guess I’ll just keep it then.
Oh, and because I know you just can’t live without it… The Vest:



3 responses to “Surprise!

  1. That little Josephine is quite a mystery, and quite a prankster. You’d better watch out, today it’s a plastic pony, but tomorrow it could be a doomsday device, a pencil thin mustache, and one eyebrow raised with skepticism. Visualize it.

  2. Jason Benavidez

    You found Valerie! That pony is MINE!!!

    • Hoe much do you love her, Jason? I think I’ll hold her ransom. You will pay me with one visit to Oakdale If you ver want to see your precious Valerie again 🙂

      Sent from my iPhone…please excuse my typos! 🙂

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