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Sleep. Lately it seems like we are all suffering in this department. Josephine has been having nightmares a couple/few times a week, either waking her up soon after she goes to bed or at 3:30-4:30 in the morning. It’s almost always that she thinks someone is outside her window. Creepy! Usually she just needs a little rock and calm, safe words and she goes back to sleep. This doesn’t take too long, but since I have trouble sleeping anyways, getting myself back to sleep is a process. One that keeps Taylor awake. It’s a family afaaaaaair!
So now, add into the tired equation Josephine’s current mama obsession that makes her hyper-mama needy. Not that I mind, it just makes me sad and only the tiniest bit guilty. This sleep challenge + needy equation = Josephine up Friday morning at 6:30 (yeah I know, not bad overall, but muuuuuch earlier than usual) after being up with nightmares at 4:30 am. To deal with our (my) tiredness, Josephine and I laid on the couch snuggling until the sun came up and the day started.
It was quite sweet. Both of us thought so.
So sweet, in fact, that this morning when she got up at the much more reasonable hour of 7:30 after a full nights sleep, Josephine requested we lay on the couch while the sun woke up, just like yesterday (it’s overcast, so it looked like the sun was still coming up).
I have to say… Not a bad way to start a Saturday morning. Not bad at all 🙂





The weekend cannot come too quickly for me this week. What a doozy! We are hiring at work for our Alcohol and Other Drug Diversion Program and have been interviewing prospective employees, plus quarterly reports are due in three of my programs on Tuesday, and I received some slightly distressing (although not the end of the world) news from one of our partners, which I can’t really do anything about this week, but the stress of the meeting next week to clear things up is daunting. That coupled with the fact that I have been going to bed later than usual (what’s up 1:00 am on Wednesday night?), and having stressmares (which is not actually a nightmare, but a stressful, unsettling dream that wakes me up just about 5 am, an hour that feels too early to get up, but too late to go back to sleep, as I have to be up at 6) and well, there you have it.

This weekend my agenda is as follows: play, play, bake, dinner with friends, sleep, play, play, play with friends, cook dinner, sleep. I might throw in a little barn organization on Saturday if I feel up to it, but really, why bother? I’ll get more done next week if I relax this weekend, right?! And now, countdown to weekend!