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Lazy Picture Post: Too Busy for Blogging

Busy, busy, busy, busy, sick kid, thistles, busy, busy, busy, gym, busy, work, busy, going a little nuts and in need of a vacation, busy. Yep. That pretty much sums it up. Time to kick it into gear. I’ve been neglecting my 30 while 30 list, and November is going to come quick. My resolution: cross at least one thing off my list this weekend. So much to do, so much to do.
Please excuse the crappy picture quality. I’m too busy to fix any crap pictures in photoshop. I’m sure you understand.

I bought her these pajamas when she was newborn and never thought she’d be big enough to fit them. Sigh.





Beautiful roses, dirty windows.








I usually bring backup clothes/shoes with me to the gym to curb my fear of forgetting something (happened), realizing that what I brought was dirty (also happened), having clothes that are inappropriate to my days schedule (I changed my shirt in the parking lot of Community Services Agency just last week) or uncomfortable (yep). This morning the first pair of shoes I had on hurt my previously injured foot, so I changed to a backup pair of boots that happened to be in my bag (FYI: my purse is filled with an extra shirt and sweater, just in case my dress shirt and vest – yes vest – start to feel too binding.
When I stuck my foot in my boot I was shocked to find this:


Now… I am sure Josephine stuffed this in my shoe. What I am not sure about, however, is where this delightful big eyed plastic pony came from. I certainly did not buy it, yet here it is in my shoe at 7:30 on a Tuesday morning. Is it yours? Want it back after it has been living in my boot? No?! Ok, guess I’ll just keep it then.
Oh, and because I know you just can’t live without it… The Vest:



Sleep. Lately it seems like we are all suffering in this department. Josephine has been having nightmares a couple/few times a week, either waking her up soon after she goes to bed or at 3:30-4:30 in the morning. It’s almost always that she thinks someone is outside her window. Creepy! Usually she just needs a little rock and calm, safe words and she goes back to sleep. This doesn’t take too long, but since I have trouble sleeping anyways, getting myself back to sleep is a process. One that keeps Taylor awake. It’s a family afaaaaaair!
So now, add into the tired equation Josephine’s current mama obsession that makes her hyper-mama needy. Not that I mind, it just makes me sad and only the tiniest bit guilty. This sleep challenge + needy equation = Josephine up Friday morning at 6:30 (yeah I know, not bad overall, but muuuuuch earlier than usual) after being up with nightmares at 4:30 am. To deal with our (my) tiredness, Josephine and I laid on the couch snuggling until the sun came up and the day started.
It was quite sweet. Both of us thought so.
So sweet, in fact, that this morning when she got up at the much more reasonable hour of 7:30 after a full nights sleep, Josephine requested we lay on the couch while the sun woke up, just like yesterday (it’s overcast, so it looked like the sun was still coming up).
I have to say… Not a bad way to start a Saturday morning. Not bad at all 🙂



I’ll spend my days at the office, sing a little bit of these working mom blues

Last night when I went to Grammy Jane’s house after work, Josephine took one look at me and screamed, “NO! DON’T TAKE ME!!!” When it was time to leave, she cried and said, “I want stay here.” When we got home and were brushing our teeth she told me, “I no want be here. I want go to Grammy’s”. When we were putting on pajamas she told me, “Grammy is happy.” When I asked her what mama was (I know, I shouldn’t have asked) she said, “Mama is mean.”
After story time, as we were getting ready to go to bed, she said in her sweet voice, “Mama, you be here in morning? You no go to work eeever again.” (FYI: eeever rhymes with fever in Josephine talk). Then she looked at me and said, “Now you say, ‘Have to go work’.”
I didn’t realize how often we have the Mama’s going to work tomorrow conversation. So much so that she can recite both our parts to me. Luckily, this time I got to end it with, “I’ll be here tomorrow because it’s the weekend. I’ll see you when you wake up. I love you.”
Dang. Now, who wants to give me a shit ton on money so I can stay home and never have to have that conversation again? Happy weekend everyone…

Josephine’s Mommy Works

This week I bought this children’s book at the thrift store because the title made me laugh.

After closer inspection I realized that it was really speaking to me