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Wednesday Morning

Today I’m working late, so I am going in to work later than usual. Instead of getting up at six and heading to the gym, I woke up at 7! And left the house. After 30 minutes on the gym floor and another 30 in the pool, I relaxed in the hot tub in the rain. It was AMAZING! What a way to start a morning… Now, if only I had a spinach omelet waiting for me instead of a pb&j sandwich 🙂

Another thought for the morning, one of Taylor’s friends passed away this morning after a long battle with cancer. I want to send my condolences to the Turnage family, Jason’s strong wife and children and all my friends who I know are hurting today. Please send love and healing thoughts Oakdale way, and remember to love each other. It’s all too short.



I am on a treadmill at the gym as I type walking quickly and trying to type on my phone. I am also watching the cake decorating show on the Food Network, which is funny to me.
Wednesday night I hurt my shoulder inexplicably and yesterday when I tried to swim I couldn’t use it without it hurting. So here I am. First time on the gym floor. I’m probably breaking some rule by using my phone, but oh well. Signing off….
I almost fell off the treadmill right after I posted this… No more typing while treading for me! Geeze!

Back To It

Well, back to the daily grind. 6:11 am, warming my car up, heading to the gym.
At least the sunrise is pretty.

Can’t say the same for myself at this time of day.


Clothes Call

Well, it happened. Today I went to the gym and forgot my bra at home. Since this is a big giant fear of mine, I was prepared. I have an old backup bra always in my bag just in case. Everything else I can do without until I get to a store to buy it: socks? cool. Underwear? a little uncomfortable, but I can go without. Bra? necessity.
And so here is to the genius of me, for having the backup bra ready to go. Crisis averted! Now, if I can just remember to put it back in my bag tonight…

A plan is hatched

So, I joined a gym yesterday. This is my effort at ramping up one of my 30 while 30 goals (you know, the big mother of a goal where I want to be satisfied with my health).
My work was running a payroll deduction deal, and so I joined up. My gym is in Modesto (about 30 minutes away), and 5 minutes from my work.
I know what you’re thinking. “What the heck?! When are you going to go to the gym? You’re always bitching about not having enough time.” Well, here is my brilliant answer. In an effort to wean my beautiful two year old (also on the 30 list) I am going to STOP pumping in the morning. This takes me about 30 minutes, the bulk of my morning prep time. (I figure my milk will slowly dry up and she’ll just give up).
In an effort to be super quiet in the a.m. (as to not wake my sleeping family) I already prep everything I need the night before. Put my clothes in the living room, pack my breakfast and lunch, everything is ready. I figure I’ll just pack that stuff in a bag and pack a gym bag, and then I can just get up, throw on my gym clothes and leave. Ready to exercise. I’ll shower at the gym, get ready, and head to work. I’m just supplanting my pumping time (already my least favorite time of the day) for gym time (which I’m hoping I’ll grow to love). A good plan, I think.
I’m hoping this will be successful, since the gym has a pool and swimming laps is my favorite form of exercise. However, I am inherently lazy, so this could backfire. I could end up not going and being out money and up on guilt. Only time and my motivation levels will tell.
I’m also hoping that it will help my increasingly foul mood (holiday blues, anyone? I am not quite ready to blog about it, but holy jesus, I have a case of the jaggities. I’m really not pleasant to be around lately. Just keep repeating: It’s the most wonderful time of the year -yeah right).
So there it is, a little progress on the list. It almost makes me feel happy. Gets better every day.