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Workers comp

Today I fell at work. Hard. I was walking down the hall to pick up a copy of an invoice that I had printed and my ankle twisted out from under me and BAM! Down I went on my knee. On the tile floor. At work. Ugh.
It hurt, and I was embarrassed, filled out an in incident report, iced and wrapped and elevated my foot and changed into my tennis shoes (let’s hear it for having my gym bag in the car!). A couple of hours later, after determining that walking made me want to cry, I decided to go to the doctor.
As an aside, Workers comp doctors offices are really weird. There was a trucker there who crashed his big rig and crashed into his window. His arms were bloody and I believe he had a concussion, because he was acting strange. He still had glass clinging to his clothes. Gross.
Aaaaanyways, I got x-rays of my foot, ankle and knee. Nothing is broken, but badly sprained. I have to go to physical therapy two times a week for three weeks, and I am now waiting patiently for pain meds at a pharmacy.
Other than the fact that I am still in excruciating pain (seriously, tears in my eyes when I put pressure on my left foot), the worst part of this ordeal is the terrible new country music that I’ve been forced to listen to at each of my medical destinations. Seriously, country people? This music is disgusting. Bad song writing, terrible fake twangy accents, overproduction, and I heard a country rap song that made me want to die of embarrassment for the artist. I’d rather listen to Katy Perry. And that is saying a lot. A lot.
Now I’m going home to put my foot up and wallow in self pity. Gifts of ice cream are readily accepted.



I have injured myself by ambitiously shoveling out thistles from the side yard. The sole of my foot is bruised and I am limping around like a sad little puppy. Booooo. Feel sorry for me. That’s what I get for stomping down hard on a shovel. Aggravating.


I am on a treadmill at the gym as I type walking quickly and trying to type on my phone. I am also watching the cake decorating show on the Food Network, which is funny to me.
Wednesday night I hurt my shoulder inexplicably and yesterday when I tried to swim I couldn’t use it without it hurting. So here I am. First time on the gym floor. I’m probably breaking some rule by using my phone, but oh well. Signing off….
I almost fell off the treadmill right after I posted this… No more typing while treading for me! Geeze!