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From the mouths of babes: Part 2

Josephine: “I just feel a little sick.”
Me: “what does it feel like?”
Josephine: “it feels like a monster bought me a present.”

Josephine: “Mama, you ruined my imagination!” when I took her plastic horses out of her bed at nap time so she would go to sleep

Josephine: “I sure wish it would rain.”
Me: “Why do you wish it would rain?”
Josephine: “Because I saved too much money.”
-when she puts money in the bank we tell her it’s to “save it for a rainy day”.

Josephine: “Mama, can I have your phone for a little bit?”
Me: “What are you going to look at?”
Josephine: “Just going to look at the news.”


How I know Josephine’s ready to wean…

Me: “Hi Josephine, did you have a nice nap?”
J: “Yes, I slept very long.”
Me: “Did you have sweet dreams?”
J: “Yes”
Me: “What’d you dream about?”
J: “I dream bout you.”
Me: “What happened in your dream?”
J: “I dream there’s a giant pile of nipples right there” (points to bedroom floor), “and then they disappear.”

Oh lord.
Time to check another 30 while 30 goal off the list.

From the mouths of babes

My kid says some funny stuff. Imagination’s a brewing…

My imaginative child while talking to an avocado pit she extracted and befriended: “Come on friend, let’s go in living room. We could play freeze tag.”

Me: “Come here baby.”
Josephine: “I’m not a baby, I’m captain hook!”

Me: “I’m going to go get in the shower, baby.”
Josephine: “No! Don’t! You are not stinky!”
(I beg to differ)

Josephine (every time Taylor makes dinner): “Thank you for baking a lovely dinner Daddy!” (no joke, those exact words).
Josephine (every time I cook dinner): “This dinner YUCKY!”

Josephine after she was told it was time to come inside for the night: “No, I’m a outside dog.”


Sleep. Lately it seems like we are all suffering in this department. Josephine has been having nightmares a couple/few times a week, either waking her up soon after she goes to bed or at 3:30-4:30 in the morning. It’s almost always that she thinks someone is outside her window. Creepy! Usually she just needs a little rock and calm, safe words and she goes back to sleep. This doesn’t take too long, but since I have trouble sleeping anyways, getting myself back to sleep is a process. One that keeps Taylor awake. It’s a family afaaaaaair!
So now, add into the tired equation Josephine’s current mama obsession that makes her hyper-mama needy. Not that I mind, it just makes me sad and only the tiniest bit guilty. This sleep challenge + needy equation = Josephine up Friday morning at 6:30 (yeah I know, not bad overall, but muuuuuch earlier than usual) after being up with nightmares at 4:30 am. To deal with our (my) tiredness, Josephine and I laid on the couch snuggling until the sun came up and the day started.
It was quite sweet. Both of us thought so.
So sweet, in fact, that this morning when she got up at the much more reasonable hour of 7:30 after a full nights sleep, Josephine requested we lay on the couch while the sun woke up, just like yesterday (it’s overcast, so it looked like the sun was still coming up).
I have to say… Not a bad way to start a Saturday morning. Not bad at all 🙂



Sharing is caring

Yesterday my sweet little Josephine was rocking on a rocking horse watching her cousin Emmett play with some necklaces when she exclaimed, “I going to hit baby Emmett. Those are MY necklaces!”. Um, really?
This morning she woke up, happy as a clam, and exclaimed, “I share my Winnie (one of her top three stuffed animals) with baby Emmett!”.
She proceeded to share not only Winnie, but also her new garage sale score tree house with her cousin. Oh, the ups and downs of a two year old!

On another note, check out this awesome dragon costume we found at the same yard sale!


The Grammys

Last night we watched the Grammys. Josephine was pretty upset when it started because she thought her Grammy would be on TV. Every time they would say Lady GaGa she would say, “where’s gaga?” (her name for Grammy Jane). Funny.
It pretty much hurts my soul to watch the Grammys, although sometimes I am impressed (I’m talking to you Adelle… and who doesn’t love The Boss, my all time celebrity crush?). My favorite Grammy moment was when Josephine asked me who LL Cool J was and I sang her some if his big hit “Mama Said Knock You Out”. She then asked, “What’s gonna happen now mama? He gonna knock people down?”. Oh, my. I still haven’t stopped laughing.

Full of love

There comes a moment (usually when you are completely overwhelmed) that something happens to let you know you are on the right track. I was lucky enough to catch one of those moments on video.
I have been really very busy and stressed because of work, personal stuff, money, emotions, whathaveyou. It’s easy to feel like you are losing in a lot of areas in your life when too much is going on at once. It’s nice to be reminded that you are loved unconditionally. Even nicer when someone writes a song about their love for you. And so I have this lovely video.
I will carry it with me forever. So full of love!