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Weekend Work

I did quite a bit this weekend with two parties, family visiting, etc… and I still managed to get some work done. Woo Hoo!

Taylor and I went on a date Thursday night to watch a Thursday Night Ramble show in Modesto. Afterwards we went to Bauer’s restaurant for some food and more music courtesy of our friends Big Earl and Ray (so amazing!). If you haven’t been to a Thursday Night Ramble and you live in town you should totally go. And make sure you head to Bauer’s afterward. If you’re out of town, you can stream the Ramble’s here. Fun stuff. I think this might be the start of a regular, once a month date night. Getting ready to check that date night goal off my 30 while 30 list!

My dad came to visit on his way to Mexico for some dental work and together we moved Josephine’s play kitchen from the living room (where it has been residing since Christmas Eve) into her bedroom. This required moving the changing table out of her room (one step further from a baby, which made me sad) and re-organizing some shelves to put toys away, but it’s done! I forgot how big my living room is without that giant kitchen sitting in front of the fireplace! And I think the kitchen looks nice in Josephine’s room. I hung up some more art, and I think it’s really coming together. Check it out:




Candlelight breakfast with Grandpa Tim

Taylor left to play a show in Chico on Saturday night, and then drove to Reno for a Super Bowl/Craps playing extravaganza with some friends, so Josephine and I were solo on Sunday morning. It was beautiful, so we went outside to paint. After that Josephine spent some time feeding the goats. We got a good system going, where I was pulling weeds and she was picking up the weeds and throwing them into the goat pen. Seriously, such a great assembly line. She had fun, I did some much needed weeding, and the goats were so so so happy.


When Josephine tired of hauling weeds, she asked me if I would clean out her playhouse. Since that is another goal on my list and I was feeling spry, I said yes. We got rags and buckets and hoses and scrub brushes out and I tipped the spider web and mud filled house over, turned on the water and went to town. Josephine waited patiently playing in the water and even helped by wiping down the outside with a rag. After about 30 minutes of scrubbing and washing and spider/wasp removal (what is it about dead wasp bodies that freak me out? They are dead and harmless. I am a wimp), it was clean enough to play in. And while I’m not going to mark this off the list, since the house still needs some detailing, it’s a darn good start. Darn good, I tell you.


I love coming into a week feeling good about my accomplishments. I’m still feeling a bit chicken with it’s head cut off-ish, but things are looking up. Oh, and if anyone has any ideas for stuffed animal storage, I’m all ears. This avalanche is killing me. Just killing me.



Checkity check!

Well, here it is… time for a 30 while 30 list check in. If you remember (as I am sure you do), I turned 30 in November. So I have had about two months to get to work on my goals. I have to say, although I have only progressed a little, I have started to work on some of the bigger ones. I am actually proud of myself for (uncharacteristically) not procrastinating. And because I am sure you are waiting with bated breath, I won’t put it off any longer… The big check in:
I have begun to work on what I believe to be the biggest of my goals: #10. Be at a place where I am satisfied with my health. The gym has been helping. We have also been cooking better meals with more veggies. I still have a ways to go, however. At least I got started.
I have also started #3. Plant a garden. We’re moving right along in the garden prep area.
Hello, in case you haven’t met me, my name is Emily and I am actively weaning my child (#13). Slowly but surely. I’ll bet you all can’t wait for me to complete this one so there will be no more breast posts.
And now, to the goals I can cross the heck off:
#19. Write Josephine’s birth story. If you haven’t read it yet, be prepared. It’s long as hell.
#23. Put together a family picnic for my high school friends so that we can all meet each other’s spouses and families.
This came together pretty seamlessly. This past weekend a group of my high school friends and their children and significant others (if applicable) got together at a friend’s parent’s house to hang out and barbeque. It was amazing and fun, and really, I feel guilty about saying that I put it together. Our friend Lori was stopping though our hometown for a couple of weeks. A bunch of people on Facebook said they wanted to see her. Lori said a date that would work for her, and I put together a Facebook event. After that, everyone pretty much planned it together, worked out the kinks in the plan due to weather, and showed up. Easy Peasy.

I have to say, this was way more fulfilling and fun than I could have planned. I haven’t been around all those people in a long long time (especially not all together like that). It was fascinating to hear about where each person was and is in life and catch up. It was brilliant seeing their children, and watching my child interact (as much as my very independent march to her own drum two year old could) with theirs.

A few of the kids playing in the back yard.

And how much fun to see and meet the boyfriends/husbands/girlfriends/wives of the people you knew so well way back when. I have to say, my friends have great taste in spouses and significant others. They were all really nice people. And funny. And talented. But so are these friends, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Watching Ashleigh and Eddie’s amazing short Summer of the Zombies

The laughter and reminiscing was so beautiful, and I really hope this happens again. And that more people can make it. And that next time I can spend even more time catching up. What fun.


So there it be… my 30 while 30 update. Still a lot to do, still a long way to go, but on it’s way none the less. I think I want to pick out a fun one to do next. Like maybe the date night one. Lord knows we need a date night up in here.
And while I’m at it, thanks to those of you who read. I feel like this blog has already helped to motivate me to live a healthier, more well balanced, more active, less lazy, more inspired life. At the very least it has pushed me to take at least some action and given me a place to write. So thanks. Although I think I might still be doing this if not a soul read it, the encouragement and comments here and on Facebook when I post are kind and appreciated. Thank you readers, friends, and lurkers alike!

Emily’s 30 While 30 List
1. Clean Josephine’ playhouse out
2. Buy new underwear (yeah, I said it)
3. Plant a garden
4. Host a yoga day with friends
5. Have a backyard campout
6. Organize the guest room
7. Make Josephine a star shaped wand (I made some of these a few years ago for children I know. Josephine has yet to get one)
8. Go away with Taylor for at least two nights (a calmer version of Vegas?)
9. Get a family photo taken
10. Be at a place where I am satisfied with my health
11. Re-furbish the playground in the back yard
12. Get my eyebrows done professionally (I’ve always wanted to do this)
13. Wean Josephine
14. Write at least one children’s poem (I used to do this for the 52 Week Club. I’d like to do that again)
15. Set up my sewing machine
16. Create a socializing spot outside
17. Decide if we would like to have another child (don’t get me started, I’ll flip flop all over the place)
18. Go on a camping trip with Taylor and Josephine
19. Write Josephine’s birth story
20. Go to the Academy of Sciences
21. Ride a mechanical bull (it is a lifelong dream of mine. I live in the Cowboy Capital of the World. I really have no excuse)
22. Blog at least once a week
23. Put together a family picnic for my high school friends so that we can all meet each other’s spouses and families.
24. Write at least one letter that isn’t a thank you card and mail it old school
25. Get our sun room/office/art space up and running
26. Take one week off from Facebook (because everyone needs a break)
27. Have dinner with one couple who we have never had dinner with before
28. Volunteer somewhere outside of work
29. Set up a regular date night with Taylor
30. Get a massage (so hard, right?)

Day one

My first day at the gym went, well, swimmingly! I was unnecessarily nervous and even drove slower than normal into Modesto. Silly, I know.
Everyone was super nice and the pool was not crowded at all (only two other people swim at 6:45 a.m. in December. Can you believe it?). I didn’t forget how to swim or my bra (but I did forget my work socks and had to wear white tube socks all day, no biggie). Tomorrow, though, I’m going to make sure my bathing suit is on right side out, because, yeah, two laps in I realized that it was on inside out. Leave it to me to embarrass myself on the first day.

A plan is hatched

So, I joined a gym yesterday. This is my effort at ramping up one of my 30 while 30 goals (you know, the big mother of a goal where I want to be satisfied with my health).
My work was running a payroll deduction deal, and so I joined up. My gym is in Modesto (about 30 minutes away), and 5 minutes from my work.
I know what you’re thinking. “What the heck?! When are you going to go to the gym? You’re always bitching about not having enough time.” Well, here is my brilliant answer. In an effort to wean my beautiful two year old (also on the 30 list) I am going to STOP pumping in the morning. This takes me about 30 minutes, the bulk of my morning prep time. (I figure my milk will slowly dry up and she’ll just give up).
In an effort to be super quiet in the a.m. (as to not wake my sleeping family) I already prep everything I need the night before. Put my clothes in the living room, pack my breakfast and lunch, everything is ready. I figure I’ll just pack that stuff in a bag and pack a gym bag, and then I can just get up, throw on my gym clothes and leave. Ready to exercise. I’ll shower at the gym, get ready, and head to work. I’m just supplanting my pumping time (already my least favorite time of the day) for gym time (which I’m hoping I’ll grow to love). A good plan, I think.
I’m hoping this will be successful, since the gym has a pool and swimming laps is my favorite form of exercise. However, I am inherently lazy, so this could backfire. I could end up not going and being out money and up on guilt. Only time and my motivation levels will tell.
I’m also hoping that it will help my increasingly foul mood (holiday blues, anyone? I am not quite ready to blog about it, but holy jesus, I have a case of the jaggities. I’m really not pleasant to be around lately. Just keep repeating: It’s the most wonderful time of the year -yeah right).
So there it is, a little progress on the list. It almost makes me feel happy. Gets better every day.