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Testing testing… Is thing on?

Well, tonight seems like just as good a time as any to hop back on the old blog and say hello.  I’m thinking I need a hobby (other than my standby hobby of singing stupid songs, cursing at facebook, and complaining loudly), or the very least a sounding board, so here I am. Shall we do a quick catch up?  Yes?!  Well ok!

Since last I visited this hallowed space, little has changed. Life is still busy, I still fight the good fight against the laze, and my children are still amazing little time sucking whirlwinds. They are both super great humans, and they make me proud daily.  For reals.  Josephine is 7 (and a half, thank you very much), and Little Lucinda just turned 2 (historically my least favorite age to parent, but gosh darn it she isn’t cute as all get out).  Taylor is still rocking my world as the coolest and most amazing dad, holding it all down on the farm. We’ve still got our crazy dogs, our chicken crew, and the goats roaming around out here. We also have a cow and a pig hanging out in the pasture right now too. It’s a crazy animal party up in here. Livin’ the good life, folks (but seriously, I’m super grateful for all of this).

Since we last spoke, Taylor painted the house, we started and then stopped, and then started again in our garden plot (ever closer, each and every time we take a whack at it), and I discovered the joy of mowing our extensive lawn (is this a teaser for a blog post about mowing??? You’ll have to wait and see, my friends…wait and see). We’ve reorganized many rooms in the house, and have started work on the barn to turn it into a functional music/whatever space for Taylor. There are never a shortage of projects, that’s for darn tootin’ (can you tell I have a two year old who likes to say things like, “God dammit, you get a time out!” to her dolls in front of company?  No idea where she picks that up. None at all #badmom). 

Anyways, my intentions are to start back up here in a more robust and less sporadic fashion, but time will tell if my ideas and actions are in synch. In the meantime, let me leave you with this photo, because you know what they say:  a picture is worth a thousand poorly executed blog posts. Hope to see you all real soon.  


Good Luck


In true lazy fashion, I’m letting you all know you should go back Taylor’s band, The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit on their kickstarter campaign with only six hours left in the campaign. So don’t delay!
I’m real excited to hear the finished product of the new album. This band is phenomenal. Songs that will touch your heart, top notch musicianship, good time feelin’ music, and I may be a little biased, but their bass player is incredibly handsome too.
But seriously, check out the campaign if you haven’t. And if you haven’t heard the band, go ahead and check them out here (that song was instrumental in my decision to move to Oakdale to be with a Taylor, by the way. It’s a sweet story, ask me about it sometime) or here. You won’t be sorry that you did. Promise.
And because I wasted a bit of time looking at YouTube videos you only probably have five hours to back their project and get in on the badass incentives. If I were you I’d back enough to get the live album, Kitchen Party. Nothing like some live Thrift Store. Nothing at all. So click here to become a backer. Sorry for the late notice!


Workers comp

Today I fell at work. Hard. I was walking down the hall to pick up a copy of an invoice that I had printed and my ankle twisted out from under me and BAM! Down I went on my knee. On the tile floor. At work. Ugh.
It hurt, and I was embarrassed, filled out an in incident report, iced and wrapped and elevated my foot and changed into my tennis shoes (let’s hear it for having my gym bag in the car!). A couple of hours later, after determining that walking made me want to cry, I decided to go to the doctor.
As an aside, Workers comp doctors offices are really weird. There was a trucker there who crashed his big rig and crashed into his window. His arms were bloody and I believe he had a concussion, because he was acting strange. He still had glass clinging to his clothes. Gross.
Aaaaanyways, I got x-rays of my foot, ankle and knee. Nothing is broken, but badly sprained. I have to go to physical therapy two times a week for three weeks, and I am now waiting patiently for pain meds at a pharmacy.
Other than the fact that I am still in excruciating pain (seriously, tears in my eyes when I put pressure on my left foot), the worst part of this ordeal is the terrible new country music that I’ve been forced to listen to at each of my medical destinations. Seriously, country people? This music is disgusting. Bad song writing, terrible fake twangy accents, overproduction, and I heard a country rap song that made me want to die of embarrassment for the artist. I’d rather listen to Katy Perry. And that is saying a lot. A lot.
Now I’m going home to put my foot up and wallow in self pity. Gifts of ice cream are readily accepted.

Wednesday Morning

Today I’m working late, so I am going in to work later than usual. Instead of getting up at six and heading to the gym, I woke up at 7! And left the house. After 30 minutes on the gym floor and another 30 in the pool, I relaxed in the hot tub in the rain. It was AMAZING! What a way to start a morning… Now, if only I had a spinach omelet waiting for me instead of a pb&j sandwich 🙂

Another thought for the morning, one of Taylor’s friends passed away this morning after a long battle with cancer. I want to send my condolences to the Turnage family, Jason’s strong wife and children and all my friends who I know are hurting today. Please send love and healing thoughts Oakdale way, and remember to love each other. It’s all too short.

Locker Room Ramblings

To the skinny woman at the gym who bent down next to me to get into her locker and grunted, “Ugggh! I’m getting too fat and old to bend over”,

Really? Too fat and old? No matter that you look like you are in your mid 40’s, not old, and you probably weigh 110 pounds. But seriously, girl? It’s 6:40 in the morning and you just finished working out. Cut yourself some slack.


Of course I get sick on vacation. Talk about frustrating. I feel a little better today, but I’m still disgusting. I woke up this morning with what I thought was blood on my palm, however, it won’t wash off. What the hell?

Also, last night I dreamt I was a bent wire ball hanging out with Justin Beiber. Seriously?! What the hell? And I wasn’t even taking cold medicine. Maybe my snot is eating my brain.

Thanksgiving to Christmas

We’ve been spending Thanksgiving with my mom and step dad in Mt. Shasta.  It was more like brief Thanksgiving and Super Christmas Kickoff!  We have done so many Christmas related activities.  PHEW!  We are ready to go!

Yesterday we saw went to a dog and pony parade (where there were a ton of dogs and no ponies), painted ornaments, put up a small Christmas tree at my mom’s house, decorated, went to a Christmas light show, and sat on the lap of two Santa’s (Josephine insisted that she didn’t want to sit on Santa’s lap.  However, when we got there, she climbed right up). Today we cut down our own tree.  When we get home, I will clean the house, and then it’s on!

At the dog and pony parade with Grandma Carol.

Taylor is a tough guy at the Dog and Pony Parade. Super tough.

It feels crazy to me that it is already Christmas.  Especially with the unseasonably warm weather as of late.  Josephine is really catching on to Christmas this year, which has me excited.  I can’t wait to sing carols and make cookies and have Santa visit!  I love Christmas traditions!

In our family we have the tradition of the Christmas Chicken coming to the house.  If you are a good little boy or girl the Christmas Chicken lays an egg on your windowsill.  We started this tradition when Josephine was just a month old.  Our plan is to convince our child that the Christmas Chicken is as pervasive as Santa Claus, so that she goes to school in Kindergarten talking about the Christmas Chicken.  It will be awesome! In order to do this, I will be writing a Christmas Chicken story.  My goal is to also write a Christmas Chicken song and have Taylor record it.  I have some work to do.

That is our biggest family tradition.  I am always looking to add fun traditions.  What are your favorite Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Winter traditions??

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Decorating Grandma's tree

Josephine told Santa she wanted a baby for Christmas. More specifically a panda baby, a mama baby and a daddy baby. This Santa gave her a GIANT PINK DINOSAUR!

Fall Finally

Well, folks, it looks like fall is finally here… I wore a sweater all day long and didn’t get hot. It’s finally not 80 degrees and I, for one, am loving it!
It rained last night, and when I left for work at 7 am this morning, I was greeted by a beautiful fall sunrise. The view almost makes leaving before the sun comes up worth it. Almost.


This weather and my crazy work schedule zaps my productivity and makes me want to curl up and read a book. I think Josephine feels the same way, as this is how she’s spent the last 20 minutes.

Oh how I wish I was motivated. Or two years old with nothing to do but read pretty picture books. Sigh.


Josephine, Taylor and I spent the evening in the yard. I pulled some weeds by the swing set, but mostly we just hung out. I truly lead a charmed life.
When I’m feeling frazzled, over worked, tired and super bitch style, I’m going to think of this picture.

Because really? How lucky am I?

Front Yard Dinners

Aaaaaaand we still have no dinner table set up. The neighbors probably love seeing Taylor and me squeezed into Josephine’s kid chairs eating dinner on the front porch. Class all the way.