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A plan is hatched

So, I joined a gym yesterday. This is my effort at ramping up one of my 30 while 30 goals (you know, the big mother of a goal where I want to be satisfied with my health).
My work was running a payroll deduction deal, and so I joined up. My gym is in Modesto (about 30 minutes away), and 5 minutes from my work.
I know what you’re thinking. “What the heck?! When are you going to go to the gym? You’re always bitching about not having enough time.” Well, here is my brilliant answer. In an effort to wean my beautiful two year old (also on the 30 list) I am going to STOP pumping in the morning. This takes me about 30 minutes, the bulk of my morning prep time. (I figure my milk will slowly dry up and she’ll just give up).
In an effort to be super quiet in the a.m. (as to not wake my sleeping family) I already prep everything I need the night before. Put my clothes in the living room, pack my breakfast and lunch, everything is ready. I figure I’ll just pack that stuff in a bag and pack a gym bag, and then I can just get up, throw on my gym clothes and leave. Ready to exercise. I’ll shower at the gym, get ready, and head to work. I’m just supplanting my pumping time (already my least favorite time of the day) for gym time (which I’m hoping I’ll grow to love). A good plan, I think.
I’m hoping this will be successful, since the gym has a pool and swimming laps is my favorite form of exercise. However, I am inherently lazy, so this could backfire. I could end up not going and being out money and up on guilt. Only time and my motivation levels will tell.
I’m also hoping that it will help my increasingly foul mood (holiday blues, anyone? I am not quite ready to blog about it, but holy jesus, I have a case of the jaggities. I’m really not pleasant to be around lately. Just keep repeating: It’s the most wonderful time of the year -yeah right).
So there it is, a little progress on the list. It almost makes me feel happy. Gets better every day.



Oh so tired

I have been so tired and behind on everything lately. I can’t seem to get a thing done. For no good reason, I have not recovered from Las Vegas yet. I feel exhausted and drained. My body feels as though it could just shut down at any minute. The only nice thing about that is that I’m sleeping much more soundly. No insomnia for me when I can barely make it past 9:30. That also means I’m getting much less accomplished, since 9-10:30 are usually my get shit done hours. Boo!
Because of Josephine’s flea bites we have been trying to keep her indoors (we’ve sprayed some stuff out back and in the front, but I’m waiting until the lawn is mowed to take her out). Therefore, nothing at all outside has been done. Nothing. I thought we’d be at a better point than this. But we’re not.
I’d like to have people over, entertain, maybe have a birthday party in November, but the way things are going the lawn will still be overgrown, the artwork won’t be up. We are stuck.
I need inspiration, motivation, energy.
I’m trying to assess why I feel like shit. I’m not eating well, haven’t exercised in months, have one million VERY IMPORTANT things due at work that are stressing me out. That combo is probably killing me. Knowing the steps I need to take is not enough. I have to change now, or my poor health will destroy me. So, since I love lists, here’s one to help me out of the hole I’ve plopped myself into:
1. Eat better. Less junk food (I’m talking to you, Halloween candy), more fruits and veggies. More water, a tad less coffee. Just a tad.
2. Get some intentional exercise multiple times a week. Dancing for 30 minutes with Josephine totally counts. Bring on the Yo Gabba Gabba dance parties!
3. Put up the damn art. Because I’m pretty sure everything will fall into place if we do.
4. Make a relaxing spot outside. Somewhere to sit, entertain, etc. If you build it, they will come (and then I’ll be forced into yard work again).
So there you go. Not too crazy, it seems do-able right now (doesn’t it always though?)
I’ve got to do this, y’all. I’m fading fast.

On a more positive note, Taylor has started finishing up our bathroom (yay!). He put in the toilet and bought our new vanity. It’s nice to have two toilets again. Very nice indeed. Thank you Taylor!
And, although I’m exhausted, we have been having a lot of fun the last couple of weekends with friends (probably directly contributing to the tired, but what can you do? Life needs to be lived, right?!)

Photo from the booth at Sean and Melanie Duncan’s wedding reception. Getting our silly on.