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Gobble Gobble


Last year I counted off a whole mess of things I was grateful for . This year, as you can tell by my lack of posting, I’m a little less motivated to put that list together. So I’ll keep it short and sweet. I am thankful. Period.
My life is far from perfect, but I am learning lessons and becoming better every day. I have work and love, however frustrating each of those things can be at times. My house may be messy, but my child is happy. For that, I give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope your day is filled with love and warmth. Thanks to all!


Happy Mother’s Day

I am lucky to have a big pool of amazing mothers who have helped me since I became a mother 2 and a half years ago. They include friends, family members, bloggers and people that I just observe from afar because I like their “style”. Thank you to all of you. I have no idea how to raise a child, but with the information and encouragement I’ve gleaned from all of my co-mama’s, I’m learning.

I’m very lucky to have this person to live my life with. She is beautiful, smart, freaking hilarious, and so very determined. I love you Josephine. You are my light. My bright spot. My love. I’m a lucky mama!

One million doll-hairs

I’m combing the shit out of Josephine’s Easter doll’s hair so that she’s ready for her Easter Basket in a couple of weeks.

I used to have one of these dolls when I was a little girl (I had the brown haired doll. This is the version my sister had), and since I’m such a sucker for nostalgia I just had to buy it at the thrift store when I found it (50 cents, y’all!).
But, seriously, this doll hair is a mess. What have I gotten myself into?!
Done! Although I am sure a nice tight braid is in order. Not doing that again!!



Happy New Year!

A very happy new year to you and yours! Wishing each of you truly the best in every one of your endeavors. I’m pensive today, but looking forward to the year ahead. There will be sure to be joy, with so many of our friends expecting little ones, sure to be laughter, with Josephine getting zanier by the second, sure to be hard times, as there always are.
For me I hope to stay strong this year. The last couple of months have been difficult for me. Somehow my mind has slipped into a place of weakness and I’ve fallen into a negativity trap. I’m going to work on keeping focussed, thinking positively, and being proactive instead of reactive. I will be actively working on my gratitude. I need to buck up (as my mom would say) and take control again. I have been distant from pretty much everyone, so my motto for the year is: 2012…can you feel the love?! I don’t feel it yet, friends, but I’ll get there. I always do. Happy new year!

Trying to feel the love with funny faces:


Morning Milk

Ready to hear about weaning again? No?, Well, too bad because I’ve been sick and stuck at home and that’s all I’ve got going on (other than the fact that Christmas is officially put away if you don’t count Josephine’s best friend, her two foot tall Frosty the snowman doll). So here goes. Feel free to tune out. Today was the first day since Josephine was born that I have been home when she woke up and didn’t nurse her in the morning. Wow.
This morning she woke up at 6:30 in the dag-gum morning (unusual for her, she’s usually a 7:30 to 8:30 am riser, bless her sleepy little heart). Not only was she was awake, but she was hollering, “Mama! Get up! I want milk!”. Yeah, not going to fly.
I told her she couldn’t have any milk until after the sun comes up, because it was still night time. She was ok and had some water and fruit. It’s now 9:45 and she has yet to ask. We’re far enough along that I can put it off until nap time. I do believe we are making progress. Now to stick to the no milk mornings, and we’re on our way!
Now, if I can only find a gentle way to wean her from her Frosty doll. I keep telling her Santa Is coming to take him to the North Pole. She is processing it, but this morning told me she plans to hide Frosty from Santa so he can stay at our house. I am afraid I am setting her up for some sort of holiday PTSD. She’s going to subconsciously hate Santa for taking her friend away. Oh, the horror!
Suggestions from experienced parents (or resourceful non parents)? Please?!




Merry merry

Feeling oh so Merry (and a little bit sneezy and sick) on this brilliant Christmas day! Merry Christmas everyone! And now, an avalanche of Christmas photos.

A Christmas Eve swing.

A Christmas Eve “monster hunt” with Buddy.

A homemade Christmas Eve cake – my first ever completely from scratch:)

A Christmas Eve mediocre family portrait.

An angel in a Christmas Eve dress.

A Christmas Eve stocking from Grammy Jane.

Santa Claus came to visit.

Christmas Eve wore Taylor out.

The Christmas Chicken was here!!!!

Santa brought a Toodie doll!

Holiday aftermath.

A turkey and his turkey.

A very Bacheecho Christmas.

A little holiday cleaning…
Ok, ok, this wasn’t today. Our house is thrashed holiday style, but this is a good picture from a couple of days ago 🙂

Merry Christmas, and a happy and productive New Year!

So this is Christmas

What a strange couple of weeks I’ve had. Things are crazy busy, what with Christmas insanity, work, regular life stuff, and to top it all off, I have been experiencing what I’m pretty sure is weaning induced mental illness. Geeze! I wasn’t prepared for the intense mood swings, lack of patience, crying stints, and all around craziness that comes with the end of breastfeeding. Wow. I’m down to one nursing a day on the days I work, and even then last night Josephine told me that one of my breasts was “not working”.
Add in Christmas time, where I swing between not wanting to do anything for anyone and wanting to buy everyone I know something special. From utter annoyance at everything to complete joy because I really do love this time of year. Totally bipolar. And there’s never enough money, and I run out of time to bake, and, and, and….
Right now my morning trips to the gym are saving me (and the poor souls who have to live with me) from going off the deep end. I walk out of the gym with a grin on my face at 7:40 each morning. It feels good to move. Hip hip hooray!
But it is Christmas. And I need to switch it up, slow down and really enjoy the next week.
Because the incessant frosty the snowman watching, off key Christmas song singing, unbridled joy of this time of year with Josephine will only last so long. I need to embrace it and enjoy it.
I’m pretty sure that my 13 day vacation from work that starts tomorrow where I get to stay home and be productive (read, lazy and relaxed) and the fact that I am FINISHED! Christmas shopping will help with all that enjoyment of the season 🙂

This little Frosty loving girl helps too.

Breakfast with Frosty.

Thanksgiving to Christmas

We’ve been spending Thanksgiving with my mom and step dad in Mt. Shasta.  It was more like brief Thanksgiving and Super Christmas Kickoff!  We have done so many Christmas related activities.  PHEW!  We are ready to go!

Yesterday we saw went to a dog and pony parade (where there were a ton of dogs and no ponies), painted ornaments, put up a small Christmas tree at my mom’s house, decorated, went to a Christmas light show, and sat on the lap of two Santa’s (Josephine insisted that she didn’t want to sit on Santa’s lap.  However, when we got there, she climbed right up). Today we cut down our own tree.  When we get home, I will clean the house, and then it’s on!

At the dog and pony parade with Grandma Carol.

Taylor is a tough guy at the Dog and Pony Parade. Super tough.

It feels crazy to me that it is already Christmas.  Especially with the unseasonably warm weather as of late.  Josephine is really catching on to Christmas this year, which has me excited.  I can’t wait to sing carols and make cookies and have Santa visit!  I love Christmas traditions!

In our family we have the tradition of the Christmas Chicken coming to the house.  If you are a good little boy or girl the Christmas Chicken lays an egg on your windowsill.  We started this tradition when Josephine was just a month old.  Our plan is to convince our child that the Christmas Chicken is as pervasive as Santa Claus, so that she goes to school in Kindergarten talking about the Christmas Chicken.  It will be awesome! In order to do this, I will be writing a Christmas Chicken story.  My goal is to also write a Christmas Chicken song and have Taylor record it.  I have some work to do.

That is our biggest family tradition.  I am always looking to add fun traditions.  What are your favorite Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Winter traditions??

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Decorating Grandma's tree

Josephine told Santa she wanted a baby for Christmas. More specifically a panda baby, a mama baby and a daddy baby. This Santa gave her a GIANT PINK DINOSAUR!

Green Machine

I’m on the Green Committee at work. Our mission is to create a culture where there is awareness and accountability for and about our environment. Each month we have challenges within our agency. For December the challenge is to cut down on holiday waste by reusing wrapping paper or using recycled materials to wrap presents. We are rolling out the December challenge at our All Staff Meeting on Monday, and I was tasked with wrapping a prize as an example. Last night, with my newfound dishwashing time I wrapped up an incentive gift (a reusable tumbler – hooray!) with all recycled items. Here’s what I came up with:

On Sunday Josephine painted some paper grocery bags that I cut open. I only brought out red and green to keep with the holiday spirit. She had a blast, and now we have all sorts of new wrapping paper 🙂

I decided to wrap the tumbler box in plain brown paper bag. I thought it would look more crisp. In the effort to stay green I decided against using tape. Instead, I used an old birthday candle, melted the wax, and used it to seal the wrapping (this, by the way, would be perfect for an easy open way to wrap for a small child).

This process was a little messy, but I figured it out, using small dots along the edge to keep the seal strong (and yes, I know candles cause indoor pollution, give me a break).

Next up came the bows. I cut strips of Josephine’s painted bag about four inches long. After that I curled the bag just like I would curl ribbon (being careful not to pull too hard). Then I cut a small x in the center of the curled bag strips. Next I took an old piece of yarn (left over from another craft project, I would have just thrown it out otherwise) and knotted one end. I threaded the strips through, arranged them into a flower/bow shape, and then knotted the other side. Writing it out sounds a lot more complicated. I swear.

I attached the bows with wax, too. And there you have it. Materials that would have been thrown away, repurposed into unique wrapping paper.

And because it was fun, I went ahead and wrapped some stocking stuffers up too. Hooray for holidays! (and for time saved due to my new love, the Bosch Dishwasher!)


Home Made Halloween

I believe it is my Halloween tradition to be totally shocked that Halloween is already here. This happens to me EVERY SINGLE YEAR! There I am, minding my own business, thinking that it’s the beginning of October and I have plenty of time, and then BAM! Halloween. I always think about Halloween in July and tell myself I’m going to make an awesome costume for myself, Taylor, and now Josephine, but then I don’t and all of a sudden, BAM! Halloween is in two days and I don’t have a costume for anyone…
Two years ago I was really really pregnant on Halloween. Because it was flu season and everyone (me) was terrified of the swine flu, we decided to stay in and watch scary movies. This made it a completely wonderful no pressure Halloween. And because I was super pregnant I decided that I needed to do something silly with my giant stomach to mark the occasion. And henceforth, this…

It may have been my best costume ever. It’s a shame that only Taylor, our cat, and myself were there to view it. But now I have shared it with the world, so I guess it was all worth it (staying in was also totally worth it because I went to bed at 9:00, which was freaking heaven to 9 months pregnant me).
Last year I found Halloween snuck up on me again, and this time I had the pressure of not only clothing myself, but supplying my adorable just walking not quite one year old with a costume. I would love to tell you that I sewed a beautiful age appropriate, cute as a button get-up, however, that would be a big fat lie. In reality, Taylor picked up a duck outfit at the local K-Mart for $20 two days before Halloween, and we called it a day. It ended up being pretty cute, since Josephine was such a new walker that she had the duck waddle down. All in all, other than the guilt of buying a costume (because I apparently hold myself to ridiculous standards and believe I have to make a costume for it to be cool. I am a dumb ass) it was pretty darn perfect.
br />
This year Halloween was just as sneaky, however, it became my mission to prove to myself that I could, in fact, make a Halloween costume. Or at least semi-make a Halloween costume. Because, seriously, I am not going to sew a dang shirt for my kid to wear for just one day when my life is insanely busy. I may be a crazy stress case, but I’m not that crazy.
Josephine has been talking about Halloween for about a month and a half (about as long as she has owned the Yo Gabba Gabba Halloween Special DVD, go figure). That entire time she has insisted that she “be a pirate…wear pirate hat, eye patch, ‘n mustache, mama!” My child has big fat opinions. So that is what she be, matey!
Knowing before hand what Josephine’s costume would be should have helped me with the whole race to put together a costume thing, but come on, it’s me. For Halloween I should be a superhero. My name would be Suprocrastinator… able to put things off until the last minute at the fastest of speeds! I had a couple of key pirate costume pieces in advance (only because Grammy Jane picked the pants up from Target at the beginning of the month), but I bought the rest of my supplies on Friday evening in a wretched trip to Walmart (yes, I realize that I referenced K-Mart, Target, and Walmart in this post. Feel free to ridicule me). I spent some time Saturday afternoon putting together the pirate costume, cutting up the shirt and sewing Velcro on the shoulder for the cute tiny parrot to attach to. It turned out pretty good, I think. Josephine was so so so so so excited to be a pirate. And she LOVED her mustache the best. She was so proud of it, showing it to everyone. Ahhhh, that’s my girl!



Oh yes, and because I am a slight overachiever (lazy and overachiever, the dichotomy is killing me) I put together a second costume for Josephine to wear to the pre-Halloween festivities we attended this past weekend. I didn’t want her to tire of being a pirate (like that could have happened), and I didn’t want to have to worry about her getting all messy. It was no big deal, since I had bought these peacock wings at the thrift store a while back. I just but some self stick Velcro on a dress to stick the wings on, taped a peacock feather that I had laying around to a wooden rod for a wand, and made a peacock crown out of felt and yarn. I really like the crown. It turned out better than expected. Josephine was not amused. She yelled at me, “I no be peacock, I be pirate!” Whatever. I told you she had big old opinions.

Oh, and as for Taylor and I? We went as mama and daddy lizard. It’s what our weird child (who calls herself baby lizard) has been calling us these days. Plus, I found lizard/crocodile hats for 50 cents each at the thrift store. Lazy score!