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Merry merry

Feeling oh so Merry (and a little bit sneezy and sick) on this brilliant Christmas day! Merry Christmas everyone! And now, an avalanche of Christmas photos.

A Christmas Eve swing.

A Christmas Eve “monster hunt” with Buddy.

A homemade Christmas Eve cake – my first ever completely from scratch:)

A Christmas Eve mediocre family portrait.

An angel in a Christmas Eve dress.

A Christmas Eve stocking from Grammy Jane.

Santa Claus came to visit.

Christmas Eve wore Taylor out.

The Christmas Chicken was here!!!!

Santa brought a Toodie doll!

Holiday aftermath.

A turkey and his turkey.

A very Bacheecho Christmas.

A little holiday cleaning…
Ok, ok, this wasn’t today. Our house is thrashed holiday style, but this is a good picture from a couple of days ago 🙂

Merry Christmas, and a happy and productive New Year!


Thanksgiving to Christmas

We’ve been spending Thanksgiving with my mom and step dad in Mt. Shasta.  It was more like brief Thanksgiving and Super Christmas Kickoff!  We have done so many Christmas related activities.  PHEW!  We are ready to go!

Yesterday we saw went to a dog and pony parade (where there were a ton of dogs and no ponies), painted ornaments, put up a small Christmas tree at my mom’s house, decorated, went to a Christmas light show, and sat on the lap of two Santa’s (Josephine insisted that she didn’t want to sit on Santa’s lap.  However, when we got there, she climbed right up). Today we cut down our own tree.  When we get home, I will clean the house, and then it’s on!

At the dog and pony parade with Grandma Carol.

Taylor is a tough guy at the Dog and Pony Parade. Super tough.

It feels crazy to me that it is already Christmas.  Especially with the unseasonably warm weather as of late.  Josephine is really catching on to Christmas this year, which has me excited.  I can’t wait to sing carols and make cookies and have Santa visit!  I love Christmas traditions!

In our family we have the tradition of the Christmas Chicken coming to the house.  If you are a good little boy or girl the Christmas Chicken lays an egg on your windowsill.  We started this tradition when Josephine was just a month old.  Our plan is to convince our child that the Christmas Chicken is as pervasive as Santa Claus, so that she goes to school in Kindergarten talking about the Christmas Chicken.  It will be awesome! In order to do this, I will be writing a Christmas Chicken story.  My goal is to also write a Christmas Chicken song and have Taylor record it.  I have some work to do.

That is our biggest family tradition.  I am always looking to add fun traditions.  What are your favorite Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Winter traditions??

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Decorating Grandma's tree

Josephine told Santa she wanted a baby for Christmas. More specifically a panda baby, a mama baby and a daddy baby. This Santa gave her a GIANT PINK DINOSAUR!