Happy New Year!

A very happy new year to you and yours! Wishing each of you truly the best in every one of your endeavors. I’m pensive today, but looking forward to the year ahead. There will be sure to be joy, with so many of our friends expecting little ones, sure to be laughter, with Josephine getting zanier by the second, sure to be hard times, as there always are.
For me I hope to stay strong this year. The last couple of months have been difficult for me. Somehow my mind has slipped into a place of weakness and I’ve fallen into a negativity trap. I’m going to work on keeping focussed, thinking positively, and being proactive instead of reactive. I will be actively working on my gratitude. I need to buck up (as my mom would say) and take control again. I have been distant from pretty much everyone, so my motto for the year is: 2012…can you feel the love?! I don’t feel it yet, friends, but I’ll get there. I always do. Happy new year!

Trying to feel the love with funny faces:



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