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So this is Christmas

What a strange couple of weeks I’ve had. Things are crazy busy, what with Christmas insanity, work, regular life stuff, and to top it all off, I have been experiencing what I’m pretty sure is weaning induced mental illness. Geeze! I wasn’t prepared for the intense mood swings, lack of patience, crying stints, and all around craziness that comes with the end of breastfeeding. Wow. I’m down to one nursing a day on the days I work, and even then last night Josephine told me that one of my breasts was “not working”.
Add in Christmas time, where I swing between not wanting to do anything for anyone and wanting to buy everyone I know something special. From utter annoyance at everything to complete joy because I really do love this time of year. Totally bipolar. And there’s never enough money, and I run out of time to bake, and, and, and….
Right now my morning trips to the gym are saving me (and the poor souls who have to live with me) from going off the deep end. I walk out of the gym with a grin on my face at 7:40 each morning. It feels good to move. Hip hip hooray!
But it is Christmas. And I need to switch it up, slow down and really enjoy the next week.
Because the incessant frosty the snowman watching, off key Christmas song singing, unbridled joy of this time of year with Josephine will only last so long. I need to embrace it and enjoy it.
I’m pretty sure that my 13 day vacation from work that starts tomorrow where I get to stay home and be productive (read, lazy and relaxed) and the fact that I am FINISHED! Christmas shopping will help with all that enjoyment of the season 🙂

This little Frosty loving girl helps too.

Breakfast with Frosty.