Morning Milk

Ready to hear about weaning again? No?, Well, too bad because I’ve been sick and stuck at home and that’s all I’ve got going on (other than the fact that Christmas is officially put away if you don’t count Josephine’s best friend, her two foot tall Frosty the snowman doll). So here goes. Feel free to tune out. Today was the first day since Josephine was born that I have been home when she woke up and didn’t nurse her in the morning. Wow.
This morning she woke up at 6:30 in the dag-gum morning (unusual for her, she’s usually a 7:30 to 8:30 am riser, bless her sleepy little heart). Not only was she was awake, but she was hollering, “Mama! Get up! I want milk!”. Yeah, not going to fly.
I told her she couldn’t have any milk until after the sun comes up, because it was still night time. She was ok and had some water and fruit. It’s now 9:45 and she has yet to ask. We’re far enough along that I can put it off until nap time. I do believe we are making progress. Now to stick to the no milk mornings, and we’re on our way!
Now, if I can only find a gentle way to wean her from her Frosty doll. I keep telling her Santa Is coming to take him to the North Pole. She is processing it, but this morning told me she plans to hide Frosty from Santa so he can stay at our house. I am afraid I am setting her up for some sort of holiday PTSD. She’s going to subconsciously hate Santa for taking her friend away. Oh, the horror!
Suggestions from experienced parents (or resourceful non parents)? Please?!





5 responses to “Morning Milk

  1. Ha! Good one!
    You asked for experience….
    No need to put Frosty away…

  2. My kids get attached to the Christmas toys and books too. So far they’ve been okay with me telling them they can see the toys again next year. We have too small of a house to keep it all out all year long.

    Those are such cute pictures!!

  3. Let Frosty stay. Then on the first hot day of summer, teach Josephine what “melt” means… (Kidding!)

  4. They go through so many phases. Evie’s first toy attachment/best friend was a large frog bath tub toy when she was about Josephine’s age. Along with the pair of froggy rain boots she HAD to wear. And where are they now? Who knows. But I sure wish I could find them. Enjoy it while you have it.
    Not to mention that she could be transferring some of her attachment from the breast towards Frosty. And that’s OK. Transition objects are not a bad thing at all.
    But if you really must get rid of Frosty, have Santa come in the night, but make sure he leaves her something in it’s place. That way Santa’s still a good guy who brings things. In Josephine’s case, probably not another toy that she’ll get too attached to. Maybe a “gift certificate” to do something fun that she would love?
    But truly, I’ve seen that Frosty doll, and he’s pretty cool. I wouldn’t want to get rid of him either.

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