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Swimming in stuff

You know that scene in Labyrinth where the old Muppet Junk Lady tries to distract Sarah from her quest by showing her all of her own belongings and Sarah begins to pile her own junk around her until she suddenly realizes that her stuff is keeping her from her destiny and she escapes through the ceiling?

This scene right here?

Yeah, that’s totally me right now. My entire house feels filled to the brim with junk that is keeping me from saving the world (or some dramatic shit like that).  This weekend I’d like to be outside doing stuff, but my junk is holding me hostage with death threats to “organize or else I’ll smother you in your sleep!” My soul is screaming, “It’s all junk!”

 I swear I have Depression Era tendencies to hoard because I feel like I’ll never have money to buy anything again and for the love of all things mighty, you just might need that cord, bucket, box of old books, container of canning lids that have no jar to screw into (true story… I’m a mess).  

So a purge is coming. possibly this weekend, but nevertheless, soon.  Very soon. If not I fear I may actually turn into that junk woman, weighted down by all my crap. I’m the worst at this. Send me your strength, folks!  Ima need it. 


HBD to J and Me

It’s a big week here at the Websterson household. Not only does our baby turn two this week (what the hell?), tomorrow is also my birthday. Josephine and I celebrate one day apart. My birthday comes first, and hers follows right behind. Usually, I am not one for birthday celebrations in my honor. They generally stress me out because I am worried about people having a bad time, feel pressure to entertain, and feel guilty about having a party just for me. I remember sitting in my closet crying one particular birthday party when I was a kid. I think the girls I invited over were being mean or something. Talk about PTSD!

This year, however, I turn 30. The big (or rather, middle sized) three oh. I have learned from a close friend that you should honor transitions and celebrate the close of an era, and so I bucked tradition and threw myself a small party this past weekend. I invited some girlfriends over, supplied lettuce, bread and potato soup, and asked that they bring salad toppings and wine. It was quite lovely. In fact, I might just throw myself a party similar to it every year. The simplicity and calmness of the event were just right for me right now. It was thrilling for me to sit in a room and actually talk to my friends, who I have not seen enough of in the past two years (did I mention my child was two?). At one point the entire room was engaged in the same conversation. It may sound ridiculous, but undistracted conversation was what I craved.

I am finding turning 30 quite nice. I was rather afraid that it would freak me out a little bit, but I am pretty darn excited to grow older. There are a few areas in my life that I wish were in better shape going into the new decade (my health, for one), however, I am overall pleased with where I am now. Not to say that there isn’t room for improvement (there is always room for improvement), but when I think of myself today compared to when I turned 20, it makes me so happy. I am so much more confident, aware, and intentional now than I was then. I push myself to become a better person, take on professional challenges with confidence, know myself so much better, and can stand up for myself in a way I could not when I was 20. The increase in my self esteem and self awareness are remarkable, and I can’t wait to see what the next decade brings. Bring on the years!

And that, my friends, takes me to my list (Yes, of course there is a list, who do you think I am?). A few months ago I ran across a blog post about a 30 before 30 list. Being that I was just a few months from being 30 I hurriedly began to write up a list of things to do and vowed to do them. Long story short, I didn’t complete my list. I was able to cross out 11 of the 24 items I could come up with (starting this blog being one of them), but there were still 13 left over. Instead of feeling like a failure for the uncompleted items, I decided to try again, with a different twist. Give myself a full year to work on my list of things I would like to accomplish, and try, try again. I decided to create my 30 while 30 list. Why not? It’s my decade, my rules. And so here it is. I am sure I’ll be checking in throughout the year with an update on my progress. There is a mix of items on the list. Some easy, some challenging, some that I may already be in the process of completing, and some that I am going to have to work hard on. I am hoping that by checking in and keeping these things on my radar for the year, I will give myself and my goals the attention I (and they) deserve. Without further ado and in no particular order…

Emily’s 30 While 30 List
1. Clean Josephine’ playhouse out
2. Buy new underwear (yeah, I said it)
3. Plant a garden
4. Host a yoga day with friends
5. Have a backyard campout
6. Organize the guest room
7. Make Josephine a star shaped wand (I made some of these a few years ago for children I know. Josephine has yet to get one)
8. Go away with Taylor for at least two nights (a calmer version of Vegas?)
9. Get a family photo taken
10. Be at a place where I am satisfied with my health
11. Re-furbish the playground in the back yard
12. Get my eyebrows done professionally (I’ve always wanted to do this)
13. Wean Josephine
14. Write at least one children’s poem (I used to do this for the 52 Week Club. I’d like to do that again)
15. Set up my sewing machine
16. Create a socializing spot outside
17. Decide if we would like to have another child (don’t get me started, I’ll flip flop all over the place)
18. Go on a camping trip with Taylor and Josephine
19. Write Josephine’s birth story
20. Go to the Academy of Sciences
21. Ride a mechanical bull (it is a lifelong dream of mine. I live in the Cowboy Capital of the World. I really have no excuse)
22. Blog at least once a week
23. Put together a family picnic for my high school friends so that we can all meet each other’s spouses and families.
24. Write at least one letter that isn’t a thank you card and mail it old school
25. Get our sun room/office/art space up and running
26. Take one week off from Facebook (because everyone needs a break)
27. Have dinner with one couple who we have never had dinner with before
28. Volunteer somewhere outside of work
29. Set up a regular date night with Taylor
30. Get a massage (so hard, right?)

Well, there it is. In all its glory. I am sure I have left something out, but I am hoping that I covered a lot of bases. I listed things that enhanced my intellect, fostered my relationships, provided time for my family, provided one on one time for Taylor and me, questions that need to be answered, and things that are just plain fun (mechanical bull riding, anyone?). So…here’s to the next thirty years!

Oh, and if you were wondering (and because I suppose I should pat myself on the back for finishing a few of these in a few months), here are the items I crossed off my partially completed and abandoned 30 before 30 list:

1. Start a blog
2. Go away with Taylor for at least 2 nights (I make the rules and I say I can duplicate items on the list)
3. Go to a zoo with Josephine and Taylor
4. Donate shoes I haven’t worn in the past year
5. Get a massage (so good I added it to the new list)
6. Make a home made gift for a child
7. Wear heels out one time (specifically out on the town…I wear heels to work all the dang time)
8. Moisturize (I was ashamed to admit I stopped moisturizing after Josephine was born. Happy to report I am back at it)
9. Exfoliate (Ditto)
10. Get a haircut
11. Bake a pie for the neighbors

And so you see, I did get some things accomplished this year after all. Happy Birthday to me!


Art is Awesome

Well hello there! How are you? Me, I am amazing because yesterday Taylor and I HUNG UP OUR FREAKING ARTWORK!!!
The sense of accomplishment is almost deafening. Does that saying make sense? No, but I don’t care because some of our rooms have actual art on the walls!!!
Oh, how I had missed our paintings, photographs, and various other pieces. It is so good to see them all again. Like old friends coming home.
I thought we might have too much art for the house (we have a TON of artwork and I had previously had to stop buying things I found), however, even though this house is smaller than our old house we have more hangable wall space!!! That makes me excited, y’all! Art buying can re-commence!
-as a side note, I love to scour thrift stores for art, and I love art that is made by our many extremely talented friends. It’s not like I’m crazy spending a ton of money, but the art we hang up is special to us.-
We are not nearly finished, but this wonderful house is really becoming our home. Next up, Josephine’s room. I can hardly wait!
And now for a few of my favorite areas in our home:

The captains corner:


And a close up:
Captain painting, small ship blocks, and ship wheel, thrifted
Ship collage painting by me


Another corner:
Horse by Aaron Burtch
Cow herding painting, thrifted


Music area:
Bird painting by Elizabeth Hudson
Photographs by Rebecca Veit
Velvet captain, thrifted
Kanunu the man statue, thrifted by The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit
Show flyers by Aaron Burtch for The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit


And now to relax and do some birthday celebrating in my home. Have a great weekend everyone!

It’s the Little Things…

So this was one of those rare weekends where I had minimal plans, visited with friends, and got quite a few things accomplished! I feel back on track and ready to go! Let’s hear it for low expectations!
Remember my list of weekend goals from a few weeks back? (Of course you don’t, but I’ll wait while you look back through the blog posts. You’re welcome. Yes, I am very patient. Thank you. And welcome back). Well, the weeding around the playground, DONE!, and I started on the fire pit (because with fall – and my 30th birthday – knocking at our door, we need to be prepared for bonfires). I also put all my clothes away, other than my pants because I need probably 3-4 more drawers (anyone have a dresser for sale?).   And I organized the sun room a little bit.  And I made a cool home made birthday present for my friend’s son (more to come on that later). 

Josephine "helping" by drawing circles on paper and throwing pens all around.

I think Josephine is finally at the age where I can sort of get tasks done while she plays around me. Sure, there is a mess to clean up afterwards, usually a big , greusome, so much messiness that it is hilarious mess, and it takes me about 15 times as long to do anything at all, but progress is progress.  She is growing up so quickly, I need to just remember to cherish these times of her needing me and wanting me around.  Because she has already started giving me those nasty dirty looks, and they are not going to be nearly as cute as when she is 15. 

This is while I was making the birthday present. Oh, the mess. The cute, cute mess!

I left the weekend feeling very accomplished, although my house still needs dusted and the bathroom needs to be cleaned (again).  All I need is 15 more weekends like this, and I should be all caught up 🙂  And yes, in case you were wondering, I am bragging about my accomplishments.  Because I said originally that I was going to talk about my successes, and so I am taking this one.  However teeny tiny it may be.
Oh, and as a side note, we went to Josephine’s friend Adele’s second birthday party this weekend, and wow…2 year olds and bounce houses.  SO MUCH FUN!!!

Who wants five dollars?

Well, the weekend is over and I DID NOT complete my list of things to do this weekend. Not even close. Like, a million miles from done. Well, maybe a thousand.
Perhaps I was too ambitious, but when it’s Friday and the whole weekend is stretched out ahead of me, I feel like I can do anything. Then the weekend passes, I feel busy as heck, and I don’t get the things done I wanted to. I forget that Josephine doesn’t nap consistently, which makes doing things that I need to be without child for almost impossible. This was a no real in the crib nap kind of weekend. And my neck has been bothering me a lot. I thought it was better, but Sunday it started in again. It’s kinda hard to turn my head. Boo hoo! And now, on to the list!
1. Dust the house. Completed! I did this late Sunday night, kind of half assed it, but dusted all the rooms minus Josephine’s room, since she was sleeping.
2. Clean the bathroom. Completed! When Jane came by to help watch Josephine while I turned the irrigation water off (as you might have read in my last post. I know I can link it somehow, but I am typing blog posts on my phone these days, so I can’t figure it out), I utilized Jane to watch my kid while I quickly cleaned the bathroom. I am sure it already needs to be cleaned again. Stupid bathrooms!
3. Mop/sweep the floors. Completed! Last minute, late late Sunday night, and I did not move the garbage or cat food out of the damn way, but I mopped at any rate! Half assed once again!
4. Harvest my tomatoes. Completed! This was simple, since my kid loves to pick tomatoes. We got a bucket full!
5. Dehydrate tomatoes. Completed! (hey, I’m doing better than I thought!)


6. Get my dresser drawers in. Fail! I put one drawer in. I am totally blaming this on Taylor though. We switched dressers in the move and he has a bunch of crap in the two last drawers. He’s been too busy to take care of it. But still, my own fail.
7. Finish weeding around the playground. Ha ha ha! Yeah right. With irrigating the ground was too wet, Josephine can’t play nearby, and you know, my neck. I looked at the swing set and I tipped over the play house next to it so that I could eventually clean it out and kill the wasps that inhabit it. I saw four black widows at first glance and walked the other way. This was my biggest fail!
8. Beware of the wasps. I suppose I completed this, as I have no new wasp bites! Success!
9. Start weeding the fire pit area. Yeah, nope. I looked over in the general direction of the pit. Then I walked away. I am not prepared to tackle that yet. F, f, f, fail!
10. Look through boxes of CDs. Well, I thought the CDs were in the guest room, and I went looking. After an irritating few minutes of moving boxes around I realized they weren’t actually there. They were in the damn barn. I went to look, but they were back behind a bunch of shit that needs to be organized, so, once again, I walked the other way. Freaking fail!
11. Finish washing and putting away all the blankets. Completed! Let’s hear it for success!!! This was the easiest thing to do, since I just load stuff in the washer and then switch them to the dryer. I really truly like doing laundry. Does that make me weird?
And so it goes. My list was definitely not completed, I feel like I didn’t get anything done, and my yard is a mess. I have to say, also, that the ONLY reason I did as much as I did was because of the goals I set on this blog. I didn’t want to have to confess that I got zip done. So it worked as a motivator, even though it didn’t motivate me to cross the finish line. Next time, five goals tops. I aim to be realistic. And no neck pain! My weekend was not a total bust, though. I was able to take Josephine to concert in the park and a Yo Gabba Gabba party. And those two events really took the sting out of my lack of completion! Until next time…