Weekend Work

I did quite a bit this weekend with two parties, family visiting, etc… and I still managed to get some work done. Woo Hoo!

Taylor and I went on a date Thursday night to watch a Thursday Night Ramble show in Modesto. Afterwards we went to Bauer’s restaurant for some food and more music courtesy of our friends Big Earl and Ray (so amazing!). If you haven’t been to a Thursday Night Ramble and you live in town you should totally go. And make sure you head to Bauer’s afterward. If you’re out of town, you can stream the Ramble’s here. Fun stuff. I think this might be the start of a regular, once a month date night. Getting ready to check that date night goal off my 30 while 30 list!

My dad came to visit on his way to Mexico for some dental work and together we moved Josephine’s play kitchen from the living room (where it has been residing since Christmas Eve) into her bedroom. This required moving the changing table out of her room (one step further from a baby, which made me sad) and re-organizing some shelves to put toys away, but it’s done! I forgot how big my living room is without that giant kitchen sitting in front of the fireplace! And I think the kitchen looks nice in Josephine’s room. I hung up some more art, and I think it’s really coming together. Check it out:




Candlelight breakfast with Grandpa Tim

Taylor left to play a show in Chico on Saturday night, and then drove to Reno for a Super Bowl/Craps playing extravaganza with some friends, so Josephine and I were solo on Sunday morning. It was beautiful, so we went outside to paint. After that Josephine spent some time feeding the goats. We got a good system going, where I was pulling weeds and she was picking up the weeds and throwing them into the goat pen. Seriously, such a great assembly line. She had fun, I did some much needed weeding, and the goats were so so so happy.


When Josephine tired of hauling weeds, she asked me if I would clean out her playhouse. Since that is another goal on my list and I was feeling spry, I said yes. We got rags and buckets and hoses and scrub brushes out and I tipped the spider web and mud filled house over, turned on the water and went to town. Josephine waited patiently playing in the water and even helped by wiping down the outside with a rag. After about 30 minutes of scrubbing and washing and spider/wasp removal (what is it about dead wasp bodies that freak me out? They are dead and harmless. I am a wimp), it was clean enough to play in. And while I’m not going to mark this off the list, since the house still needs some detailing, it’s a darn good start. Darn good, I tell you.


I love coming into a week feeling good about my accomplishments. I’m still feeling a bit chicken with it’s head cut off-ish, but things are looking up. Oh, and if anyone has any ideas for stuffed animal storage, I’m all ears. This avalanche is killing me. Just killing me.



One response to “Weekend Work

  1. I have an idea for stuffed animal storage– a hanging net! When I was a kid, my friend had too many stuffed animals to fit on her bed, so her dad fashioned a net that would hang over her bed for the stuffed animals to sit in. Josephine wouldn’t be able to get them out of the net yet, probably, but I thought it was a good idea when I saw it. 🙂

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