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Day one

My first day at the gym went, well, swimmingly! I was unnecessarily nervous and even drove slower than normal into Modesto. Silly, I know.
Everyone was super nice and the pool was not crowded at all (only two other people swim at 6:45 a.m. in December. Can you believe it?). I didn’t forget how to swim or my bra (but I did forget my work socks and had to wear white tube socks all day, no biggie). Tomorrow, though, I’m going to make sure my bathing suit is on right side out, because, yeah, two laps in I realized that it was on inside out. Leave it to me to embarrass myself on the first day.



Tomorrow is my first day going to my new gym. I’m a little nervous. Like the first day of high school. I hope the mean kids don’t pick on me. No, but really, it’s going to be a whole new routine, getting ready for work at the gym. I hope I can still swim. Also, I hope I don’t do anything stupid like forget my bra at home.