Good Luck


In true lazy fashion, I’m letting you all know you should go back Taylor’s band, The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit on their kickstarter campaign with only six hours left in the campaign. So don’t delay!
I’m real excited to hear the finished product of the new album. This band is phenomenal. Songs that will touch your heart, top notch musicianship, good time feelin’ music, and I may be a little biased, but their bass player is incredibly handsome too.
But seriously, check out the campaign if you haven’t. And if you haven’t heard the band, go ahead and check them out here (that song was instrumental in my decision to move to Oakdale to be with a Taylor, by the way. It’s a sweet story, ask me about it sometime) or here. You won’t be sorry that you did. Promise.
And because I wasted a bit of time looking at YouTube videos you only probably have five hours to back their project and get in on the badass incentives. If I were you I’d back enough to get the live album, Kitchen Party. Nothing like some live Thrift Store. Nothing at all. So click here to become a backer. Sorry for the late notice!


Magnificent Man, Fantastic Father!


Just hours after Josephine’s birth

I want to take time today to share my appreciation for Josephine’s dad, Taylor Webster. I wasn’t sure how Taylor would deal with having a baby. I knew he’d work it out, but waking up early? Being on someone else’s schedule? Things not always going as planned? Not something I thought would come easy for him. I had only seen him hold two babies ever. I just wasn’t sure. I was, however, completely blown away.

From the beginning it was like he had always been a father. He could calm Josephine down in ways I just couldn’t. That’s still true today (he takes all night wake ups now, because he can just talk Josephine through whatever she’s going through). He has a way of talking to our daughter and teaching her so that she picks things up really quickly. Their minds work in the same way, so he knows just how to teach her the way she needs to be taught. I mean, just look at this pair:


Taylor has taught me a lot about being a parent. His support and consistency has made all the difference. There were times that he had ideas that I was reluctant to try, but in time I realized that they were amazing and made things so much better for our family. He’s always thinking! I found this quotation a while back that really spoke to me and rang true for how I feel about Taylor as a developing father:
“When a man is truly ‘present’ for the birth of his child and allows himself to be touched by the mystery unfolding before his eyes, he will have an unquestionable experience that can catapult him into the next phase of his development as a mature human being. His encounter with the power of birth…can connect him to his partner and his child in ways that sustain him for the rest of his life.” –John Franklin
Just read our birth story and you can get a glimpse into what I am trying (clumsily) to say.

I know how much Josephine loves her Daddy, and it brings me so much joy to watch them together, learning, laughing, and having a grand old time! Just listening to them joke around from the other room is enough to make me cry with happiness. And watching them devise funny little plans, like hiding from me when I come home from work? Forget about it. Watching their bond as father and daughter has been a thing of beauty. As Josephine would say, he’s her best.









Happy Father’s Day Taylor! What a dad you are! Thank you for everything you do for our family. We love you so much.

And because I can’t help myself, this picture:


Workers comp

Today I fell at work. Hard. I was walking down the hall to pick up a copy of an invoice that I had printed and my ankle twisted out from under me and BAM! Down I went on my knee. On the tile floor. At work. Ugh.
It hurt, and I was embarrassed, filled out an in incident report, iced and wrapped and elevated my foot and changed into my tennis shoes (let’s hear it for having my gym bag in the car!). A couple of hours later, after determining that walking made me want to cry, I decided to go to the doctor.
As an aside, Workers comp doctors offices are really weird. There was a trucker there who crashed his big rig and crashed into his window. His arms were bloody and I believe he had a concussion, because he was acting strange. He still had glass clinging to his clothes. Gross.
Aaaaanyways, I got x-rays of my foot, ankle and knee. Nothing is broken, but badly sprained. I have to go to physical therapy two times a week for three weeks, and I am now waiting patiently for pain meds at a pharmacy.
Other than the fact that I am still in excruciating pain (seriously, tears in my eyes when I put pressure on my left foot), the worst part of this ordeal is the terrible new country music that I’ve been forced to listen to at each of my medical destinations. Seriously, country people? This music is disgusting. Bad song writing, terrible fake twangy accents, overproduction, and I heard a country rap song that made me want to die of embarrassment for the artist. I’d rather listen to Katy Perry. And that is saying a lot. A lot.
Now I’m going home to put my foot up and wallow in self pity. Gifts of ice cream are readily accepted.

I miss this place…

I have been blogging for roughly a year now, and have really enjoyed it. Lately, however, it has been hard to sit down and write things. Hard to check in with myself or tell a story. I start blogs, leave them unfinished, post less and less. This could be because I am completely physically and mentally exhausted every day (which led me to get bloodwork done, and guess what?! Totally healthy. Exceptional cholesterol, iron levels, blood pressure, etc), probably has something to do with the fact that my iPhone shattered and I blog from my phone mostly (I’m iPhone typing right now, but can only see half the screen, so I’m blind typing a lot of this), or because a lazy streak has stopped me in my tracks. Either way, I miss it. I’m trying to figure out a way to fit more writing time in, document my journey, give some updates. I haven’t checked in with my list in a while. Just typing that gave me anxiety. so for now, some pictures. Because even though I haven’t been writing about it, we have been having quite the summer already.

20120606-160300.jpgJosephine and her friend Meyer have a paint party

20120606-160407.jpg Eclipse shadows

20120606-160714.jpg Backyard lazy time

20120606-160953.jpg First haircut!!

20120606-161416.jpg Hello, summer!

20120606-161635.jpg Wedding play time

20120606-161908.jpg Hanging out with Uncle New Guy (Chandler Pratt) and Bloody Ol Mule (Shilo Brown) at the Redwood Mountain Faire

20120606-162423.jpg fiat shaved ice waiting for Daddy’s band to play

20120606-162853.jpg The big bad (pink and orange) wolf

20120606-163039.jpg Our flowering cactus

We had our first ER trip for a moderate dog bite. Everyone is feeling crappy about this one. Luckily, she is alright, no stitches needed, and recovering by watching Finding Nemo and relaxing. That was not a fun call to get at work today. Yuck.

And so, here are a bunch of photos and a pledge to try my hardest to not just do lazy picture posts like I have been. Anyone have any good energy boosting ideas? I already work out every morning and drink coffee and it’s not helping. I’m dragging here. Just dragging. Thanks for sticking with me through the lazy times. It’ll get better, I swear.

Perfect timing

Well, folks, we made it. And weatherwise we had perfect timing! When I left Strawberry Music Festival after working on Thursday (I have a job up there so I get in for free, so I have been going up on Wednesday night by myself, sleeping in my car, working Thursday morning, coming home, working my real job at home, and going back up Saturday for a couple of festivals. Got that? I think I really am crazy).
So, back to it. When I left Thursday to come home, it was sunny and beautiful. Then, it rained/snowed/hailed all day Friday and Saturday morning. When I returned with Josephine Saturday afternoon it was cold and overcast, but the rain was through. Sunday was beautiful! Today was even better. Good job, me.
Josephine got to run and play, swim in the lake, play in the creek, dance, eat Popsicles, make new friends. All of the things that keep me coming back to Strawberry (even though the music line up is not so much most of the time). It is fun to see her enjoy herself as much as I did as a kid.
We had a magical moment at the lake (after she pooped in the grass. She is so ready to be done with diapers) after she was done swimming where I lay in the grass as she lay her head on my stomach, and we lounged quietly in the sun, watching people. It was lovely and peaceful, and I’ll treasure the moment forever.
And so we are back and unpacked. Laundry is going, and we have taken our Strawberry baths. We will now begin relaxing! Summer has begun!





I didn’t take many pictures because I forgot my real camera, so this is it. Photo of Josephine and me by Kristy Weiss, Facebook stolen 🙂

Because I like to suffer..,

I am taking Josephine camping at the Strawberry Music Festival with me and it is supposed to be cold and rain tomorrow. Also, I have been offered a free camp by myself and Taylor will stay home with Josephine pass, and I’m choosing not to take it. I must be crazy.
I wrote this poem (in five minutes) all about it:

I hope it gets sunny
I’ll feel like a dummy
If tomorrow it starts to snow

I hope for my child
The weather stays mild
Or Taylor will say “Told you so”

I may come home soaked
It’s the truth, it’s no joke
I may just be out of my mind

But however it goes
If it’s sunny or snows
It’s gonna be Strawberry time!

Wish me luck, folks!

Monday morning thoughts

Fact: when I drive by a pasture of miniature horses I pretend I’m a giant.

Fact: I am typing this from a Walmart parking lot at 6:10 am while working up the courage to go in. I am picking up a little present for a stressed out deserving colleague. Walmart before 7 am scares me, but it’s the only place open right now. Also, there are two tweakers yelling at each other. Stay classy, Modesto.

Fact: I maybe slept 12 hours total since Friday. Three of those hours happened last night. I am beat. Bring it on, Monday. Bring it on. I’m feeling scrappy.
Walmart is actually mildly peaceful at 6:15 am, other than the employees yelling around at each other about how they are out of propane and need to go to Target to pick stuff up. And I found this card genre that I didn’t know existed. Too bad ALL the cards were gone. It’s rough out there, folks.