Monday morning thoughts

Fact: when I drive by a pasture of miniature horses I pretend I’m a giant.

Fact: I am typing this from a Walmart parking lot at 6:10 am while working up the courage to go in. I am picking up a little present for a stressed out deserving colleague. Walmart before 7 am scares me, but it’s the only place open right now. Also, there are two tweakers yelling at each other. Stay classy, Modesto.

Fact: I maybe slept 12 hours total since Friday. Three of those hours happened last night. I am beat. Bring it on, Monday. Bring it on. I’m feeling scrappy.
Walmart is actually mildly peaceful at 6:15 am, other than the employees yelling around at each other about how they are out of propane and need to go to Target to pick stuff up. And I found this card genre that I didn’t know existed. Too bad ALL the cards were gone. It’s rough out there, folks.




This morning, while getting ready, the name Angela Merkel popped into my head. I knew I’d heard it on NPR, but had no idea who it was. Then I got in my car to leave. The radio was on and tuned to NPR and the very first story talked a little about Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor. Spoooooky!
Oh, and here was my sunrise.


Happy Mother’s Day

I am lucky to have a big pool of amazing mothers who have helped me since I became a mother 2 and a half years ago. They include friends, family members, bloggers and people that I just observe from afar because I like their “style”. Thank you to all of you. I have no idea how to raise a child, but with the information and encouragement I’ve gleaned from all of my co-mama’s, I’m learning.

I’m very lucky to have this person to live my life with. She is beautiful, smart, freaking hilarious, and so very determined. I love you Josephine. You are my light. My bright spot. My love. I’m a lucky mama!

Goings ons

What has been happening in my oh so exciting life, you ask? Well, let me tell you:
Last week while in the back pasture digging thistles in the never-ending thistle apocalypse, I lost grip on my shovel and it sprung back and smashed me in the jaw. Ugh. I had to check for broken teeth it got me so hard. Inexplicably, I have no bruise to show for it. Only a little swelling, but it totally blends in with my chins, so I doubt anyone will notice.

That same afternoon, in the far back of that same pasture I decided to pull out some stray blackberry starts (I love having the big bramble back there, but would love to keep it there, and not let it spread). All good and fine, except I was wearing a tank top an I cut the heck out of my arms and stomach (how my stomach? I am not sure). One of my colleagues suggested my antics be filmed. America’s Funniest Home Videos, perhaps?

It would have been hilarious, I’m sure, to see me yell on Tuesday night as I pulled my hip sitting down on the floor to clean up kid toys. Seriously, friends, I could hardly walk, and I’m still hobbling around. Sheesh. That life insurance policy idea is looking better and better.

In other news: I shattered my iPhone glass. Like, completely destroyed it. Luckily, Taylor is amazing and had an extra part and replaced the glass. I have some grey spots around the bottom of the screen. All in all not a total loss, but since I do all my blogging on my phone, it’s a slight inconvenience. Just slight.

Also, we added a new member to our bustling little family. Everyone, meet Ricky

We adopted him from the shelter and he’s a pretty good boy. He was someones baby dog, so it’s been an adjustment to life outside, but he seems to be adjusting alright. Now if he’d only learn his name and come in from the pasture when called, we’d be in business. Of course, he has a lot to live up to, since Buddy is the golden child. He lived up to his reputation on Saturday afternoon by killing and eating a baby possum (whose mother just might have been the sneaky pete who was under our house for a week).
*DISCLAIMER ~ graphic dead possum pic*

That’s a good boy!

So, lots of clumsiness and a new dog. That’s that.
I’ll leave you with a picture that was a dream realized.
I had some friends and kids over last weekend and they played and played and played. It was a dream come true. Me, having wine with some friends while our kids played. Ooooooh, so nice. I am really loving spring out here!

And finally, a big congratulations to some lovely friends who gave birth to a perfect little boy this week. It’s baby season here in Oakdale! This was the first of five babies due in the next couple of months. Baby spring fever, here I come! Particularly since my “baby” is actually a giant two and a half year old with a mean case of the “Mama can I’s”. I mean, just look at her. A baby no more.

(this is her irrigating outfit, by the way)

Oh, ok. Maybe kind of a baby still

Until I fall again….(which should be later tonight by my calculations) 😉

Lazy Picture Post: Too Busy for Blogging

Busy, busy, busy, busy, sick kid, thistles, busy, busy, busy, gym, busy, work, busy, going a little nuts and in need of a vacation, busy. Yep. That pretty much sums it up. Time to kick it into gear. I’ve been neglecting my 30 while 30 list, and November is going to come quick. My resolution: cross at least one thing off my list this weekend. So much to do, so much to do.
Please excuse the crappy picture quality. I’m too busy to fix any crap pictures in photoshop. I’m sure you understand.

I bought her these pajamas when she was newborn and never thought she’d be big enough to fit them. Sigh.





Beautiful roses, dirty windows.






Pasture Play

Josephine and I spent some time in the goat pasture today. Me hunting thistles, her playing pasture games, the goats following us around hoping to get some new weeds out of the deal. I cleared out the thistles in the main goat pen, and since Josephine was having fun, I decided to walk the small pasture next to the goat pasture (which is currently open to the horses) looking for more thistles.
-an aside: I have a clear view of Josephine from both pastures and we have calm friendly goats, so I didn’t feel neglectful, however this story may sound slightly neglectfulish-
About halfway through my thistle hunt I looked up as Josephine was scooping water out of the goat trough into her mouth! HER MOUTH! I yelled, “NO! STOP!”, which I guess I yell too much, because she looked up casually and said, “What, Mama?” as I ran toward her. Now, here’s where it gets even more interesting.
I have been wearing Taylor’s dad’s old size 12 Wolverine work boots so as to protect the bottom of my feet from bruises while I viciously dig up thistles. They are, however, a tad too big for my feet. See:

20120419-161305.jpgAnyways, as I sprinted across the pasture towards my goat water drinking two year old, I flung open the pasture gate and immediately tripped over said giant boots, falling on my left knee pretty freaking hard. As I fell, Duck (the goat) took her opportunity to leap over me out of the open gate into the horse pasture. Awesome. I jumped up, slammed the gate (as Billy (the goat) was hastily trying to make his escape and Giselle (the Pygmy goat) was hot on his heals), explained to Josephine that that water was yucky, contained tiny ugly germs (thanks Yo Gabba!) that could make her sick, and told her to keep her hands out of the water, or else (or else what, I don’t know).
Quickly, I turned my attention to the goat in the horse pasture and headed back out to wrangle Duck back in. As you may have guessed, Duck was quite reluctant to be captured and returned to her own pasture, so I chased her around for entirely too long (all the while keeping one eye on my disgusting, cute child to make sure no more goat water was imbibed) before I finally outsmarted her and forced her back to her home. All the while in giant shoes, tripping here and there, on a hurt knee.
And so there it is folks. My kid drank goat trough water and my knee is battered and bruised (and really hurts a whole lot). If anyone wants to buy me some ranch boots in a (clumsy) ladies size 10, I’d be much obliged. Or if you want to go halves with Taylor on taking out some life insurance on me, I’m sure he’d split the profits when I break my damn neck and die. Oh, country life.
At least the three stooges are all in their places with weed eating faces.

And who would want to leave this pasture, anyways? Foolish goats.


How I know Josephine’s ready to wean…

Me: “Hi Josephine, did you have a nice nap?”
J: “Yes, I slept very long.”
Me: “Did you have sweet dreams?”
J: “Yes”
Me: “What’d you dream about?”
J: “I dream bout you.”
Me: “What happened in your dream?”
J: “I dream there’s a giant pile of nipples right there” (points to bedroom floor), “and then they disappear.”

Oh lord.
Time to check another 30 while 30 goal off the list.

Good morning

I’ve had quite a busy and beautiful weekend, spending play time with Josephine, having fun friend times, and helping to bless two different friends as they journey into (and further into for one having her second child) motherhood. I feel tired, but full of love and hope. And I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of walking out my door at 6 am to this. Beauty.


Lazy Picture Post: Easter Edition

What a lovely Easter day. Family, sun, eggs, chickens, Easter dresses and cake. Ahhhhhh. I’m loving spring so far. How about you?









Satisfying Saturday

Do you want to see what a satisfying Saturday looks like?

Our yards are all mowed and edged (thanks Taylor!) the thistles in the main yards are out, the front of the barn is weeded (I did that this week, but it’s still weed free today), Josephine and I made dirt cakes in the yard, and now she’s napping peacefully while Taylor and I watch the Giants game before my mom and step dad come to visit. Feels so good! So, unbelievably good!