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Monday morning thoughts

Fact: when I drive by a pasture of miniature horses I pretend I’m a giant.

Fact: I am typing this from a Walmart parking lot at 6:10 am while working up the courage to go in. I am picking up a little present for a stressed out deserving colleague. Walmart before 7 am scares me, but it’s the only place open right now. Also, there are two tweakers yelling at each other. Stay classy, Modesto.

Fact: I maybe slept 12 hours total since Friday. Three of those hours happened last night. I am beat. Bring it on, Monday. Bring it on. I’m feeling scrappy.
Walmart is actually mildly peaceful at 6:15 am, other than the employees yelling around at each other about how they are out of propane and need to go to Target to pick stuff up. And I found this card genre that I didn’t know existed. Too bad ALL the cards were gone. It’s rough out there, folks.