From the mouths of babes: Part 2

Josephine: “I just feel a little sick.”
Me: “what does it feel like?”
Josephine: “it feels like a monster bought me a present.”

Josephine: “Mama, you ruined my imagination!” when I took her plastic horses out of her bed at nap time so she would go to sleep

Josephine: “I sure wish it would rain.”
Me: “Why do you wish it would rain?”
Josephine: “Because I saved too much money.”
-when she puts money in the bank we tell her it’s to “save it for a rainy day”.

Josephine: “Mama, can I have your phone for a little bit?”
Me: “What are you going to look at?”
Josephine: “Just going to look at the news.”


6 responses to “From the mouths of babes: Part 2

  1. I love it!

  2. Oh my those are so cute! I love hearing the funny stuff that kids say.

  3. I love these, so cute! When me and the boys were walking Piper home from school yesterday, she asked why we went a new way. I told her it was quicker and she said “driving would be a lot quicker”.

  4. Josephine is the most hysterical child ever! Adore her! Can’t wait until mini-Emily starts talking!

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