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I have injured myself by ambitiously shoveling out thistles from the side yard. The sole of my foot is bruised and I am limping around like a sad little puppy. Booooo. Feel sorry for me. That’s what I get for stomping down hard on a shovel. Aggravating.

Lookin’ out my back door


Hello, welcome to my back porch, also known as “The Captain’s Porch”. Yesterday while Josephine napped after our family zoo trip (for over two hours!) I decided to work on cleaning this area up. Over the next couple of months I hope to make this into a nice little area. Our house is awesome, and our back yard is particularly badass, however, there is no direct route or clear path from the inside/living room to the back. It’s a little funny. Enter the Captain’s porch. There is a door leading from our dining room/music area to the side yard. It is our hope to make this the passage to the outdoors. Right now nobody uses the side door or the Captain’s Porch. Probably because it’s overgrown with weeds and grass. There is also a broken down hot tub out there, but that’ll stay for a while I’m sure.

I went to town weeding and clipping back a bush that I’m getting ready to dig up. Fun Emily Fact: I HATE bushes. They are awkward and need to be manicured and are only good for a rousing round of hedgecore (Ahhhhhh, to be 19 again). And so I’m tearing it out.
I worked my behind off cleaning this area. And I am super duper sore now. But this was COMPLETELY worth it!


Please excuse the goats. They love to be everywhere I am when they are out. I had a little gang going with the three goats and Buddy all hanging around while I worked. Apparently, I am quite popular with the farm animals.
But I digress, doesn’t the porch area look good! It’s a start at least. Eventually we’ll have an herb garden out there and some chairs to make it a proper Captain’s Porch 🙂
The sun is shining, I’m getting crap done and feeling good! Which is nice because I’ve been having a rough go with balancing life, work, relationship and two year old for the last week. Don’t feel too bad for me, most of it boils down to bad time management and inability to say no and stay home on my part. Live and learn. But, things are looking up!

Oh, and because my family is the cutest and I know you all yearn to see pictures from our day at the zoo, here you go. You’re welcome.




Just Start

Yesterday Josephine and I started clearing out what is soon to become our garden area. It is currently part of the goat pen, however, the posts are set to fence it off, and it’s time to start the prep work.
There was a lot of debris in there…chunks of concrete, old fence parts we were using to reinforce the fence when the asshole goats were around, lots of rocks. It felt really good to get started. Taylor reminded me that “every little bit helps”, and so I just picked a spot (as Taylor advised, smartypants that he is) and got to workin’.
Today marked the first day where I wasn’t focussed on the end, but enjoying the process of doing something in my yard. My own lovely yard. And so I cleared debris and sifted through rocks and pulled large tufts of weeds. And Josephine hunted worms, painted with the goat trough water and moved dirt around. Such a lovely day. Such a lovely state of mind.
And I also caught a glimpse of what our springs are going to be like out in that garden and man, oh boy, am I excited!