It’s raining hard here in Oakdale, however, this morning it was crazy windy and clear as day. Josephine and I popped outside after breakfast to play with the wind. I was de-thistleing around the playground (oh yes, I will bore you with tales of de-thisteling as I have no doubt bored you with tales of breastfeeding and Josephine and the gym and blah blah blah), when all of a sudden I heard Josephine scream, “Help! Mama! I saw something!”.
Thinking it was a worm or a spider I sauntered over. Lo and behold, it was, a tiny FROG!
We picked it up and it hopped around, much to Josephine’s delight! You’d have thought Kermit the Frog himself was in our back yard. What fun!
Immediately, Josephine wanted to make a place to keep him, so we put some water, rocks and leaves in a bucket and made him a room.

She named him hocus pocus, after her favorite stuffed rabbit. I’m thinking he’ll be gone tomorrow, but what fun we had, what fun indeed!
On another note, yesterday was a year since our house closed. It seems like just yesterday we walked into our beautiful laundry room and I knew I wanted to live here. Crazy! 1/30th done with paying the place off :). Hooray!

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