Who wants five dollars?

Well, the weekend is over and I DID NOT complete my list of things to do this weekend. Not even close. Like, a million miles from done. Well, maybe a thousand.
Perhaps I was too ambitious, but when it’s Friday and the whole weekend is stretched out ahead of me, I feel like I can do anything. Then the weekend passes, I feel busy as heck, and I don’t get the things done I wanted to. I forget that Josephine doesn’t nap consistently, which makes doing things that I need to be without child for almost impossible. This was a no real in the crib nap kind of weekend. And my neck has been bothering me a lot. I thought it was better, but Sunday it started in again. It’s kinda hard to turn my head. Boo hoo! And now, on to the list!
1. Dust the house. Completed! I did this late Sunday night, kind of half assed it, but dusted all the rooms minus Josephine’s room, since she was sleeping.
2. Clean the bathroom. Completed! When Jane came by to help watch Josephine while I turned the irrigation water off (as you might have read in my last post. I know I can link it somehow, but I am typing blog posts on my phone these days, so I can’t figure it out), I utilized Jane to watch my kid while I quickly cleaned the bathroom. I am sure it already needs to be cleaned again. Stupid bathrooms!
3. Mop/sweep the floors. Completed! Last minute, late late Sunday night, and I did not move the garbage or cat food out of the damn way, but I mopped at any rate! Half assed once again!
4. Harvest my tomatoes. Completed! This was simple, since my kid loves to pick tomatoes. We got a bucket full!
5. Dehydrate tomatoes. Completed! (hey, I’m doing better than I thought!)


6. Get my dresser drawers in. Fail! I put one drawer in. I am totally blaming this on Taylor though. We switched dressers in the move and he has a bunch of crap in the two last drawers. He’s been too busy to take care of it. But still, my own fail.
7. Finish weeding around the playground. Ha ha ha! Yeah right. With irrigating the ground was too wet, Josephine can’t play nearby, and you know, my neck. I looked at the swing set and I tipped over the play house next to it so that I could eventually clean it out and kill the wasps that inhabit it. I saw four black widows at first glance and walked the other way. This was my biggest fail!
8. Beware of the wasps. I suppose I completed this, as I have no new wasp bites! Success!
9. Start weeding the fire pit area. Yeah, nope. I looked over in the general direction of the pit. Then I walked away. I am not prepared to tackle that yet. F, f, f, fail!
10. Look through boxes of CDs. Well, I thought the CDs were in the guest room, and I went looking. After an irritating few minutes of moving boxes around I realized they weren’t actually there. They were in the damn barn. I went to look, but they were back behind a bunch of shit that needs to be organized, so, once again, I walked the other way. Freaking fail!
11. Finish washing and putting away all the blankets. Completed! Let’s hear it for success!!! This was the easiest thing to do, since I just load stuff in the washer and then switch them to the dryer. I really truly like doing laundry. Does that make me weird?
And so it goes. My list was definitely not completed, I feel like I didn’t get anything done, and my yard is a mess. I have to say, also, that the ONLY reason I did as much as I did was because of the goals I set on this blog. I didn’t want to have to confess that I got zip done. So it worked as a motivator, even though it didn’t motivate me to cross the finish line. Next time, five goals tops. I aim to be realistic. And no neck pain! My weekend was not a total bust, though. I was able to take Josephine to concert in the park and a Yo Gabba Gabba party. And those two events really took the sting out of my lack of completion! Until next time…





3 responses to “Who wants five dollars?

  1. That cake is awesome!

  2. I thought your goals sounded a little on the “high” side when I read your last blog, but I know you are a go getter. Don’t berate yourself, I think you achieved a lot as well as taking Josephine to 2 events while not feeling well. Next time aim a little lower like I do and you’ll feel great if you get anything done!
    Love, Gaga

  3. You accomplished more than I can most weekends! I feel lazy just thinking about everything you did and I didn’t!

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