Art is Awesome

Well hello there! How are you? Me, I am amazing because yesterday Taylor and I HUNG UP OUR FREAKING ARTWORK!!!
The sense of accomplishment is almost deafening. Does that saying make sense? No, but I don’t care because some of our rooms have actual art on the walls!!!
Oh, how I had missed our paintings, photographs, and various other pieces. It is so good to see them all again. Like old friends coming home.
I thought we might have too much art for the house (we have a TON of artwork and I had previously had to stop buying things I found), however, even though this house is smaller than our old house we have more hangable wall space!!! That makes me excited, y’all! Art buying can re-commence!
-as a side note, I love to scour thrift stores for art, and I love art that is made by our many extremely talented friends. It’s not like I’m crazy spending a ton of money, but the art we hang up is special to us.-
We are not nearly finished, but this wonderful house is really becoming our home. Next up, Josephine’s room. I can hardly wait!
And now for a few of my favorite areas in our home:

The captains corner:


And a close up:
Captain painting, small ship blocks, and ship wheel, thrifted
Ship collage painting by me


Another corner:
Horse by Aaron Burtch
Cow herding painting, thrifted


Music area:
Bird painting by Elizabeth Hudson
Photographs by Rebecca Veit
Velvet captain, thrifted
Kanunu the man statue, thrifted by The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit
Show flyers by Aaron Burtch for The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit


And now to relax and do some birthday celebrating in my home. Have a great weekend everyone!


5 responses to “Art is Awesome

  1. Great job of arranging in subject matter. It works.

  2. Happy birthday to Josephine this week!

    • Thank you! And happy birthday to your little one as well!

      Sent from my iPhone…please excuse my typos! 🙂

      • Wow! you have been busy creating and sppihong! I have one of those wooden German things that I take out every Christmas. The one you have looks exactly like mine! Love the works too, I have been keeping an eye ouut for some Norwegian books for you but nothing yet! Thanks for taking the time to post all of this!

  3. I love thrifting! I cludon’t believe my luck today, I popped into 1 store to look for a coat for my son. It wasn’t a very big store but I found the 1 winter coat in the right size! I honestly was expecting to walk out empty handed.My tip is to go often! The stores around here get donations all the time so you never know when you might find a treasure.

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