Back To It

Well, back to the daily grind. 6:11 am, warming my car up, heading to the gym.
At least the sunrise is pretty.

Can’t say the same for myself at this time of day.



3 responses to “Back To It

  1. You make me laugh!!!

    So good to spend some time with you.


  2. When you see every side of someone, even the sleepy, groggy, not so perky side, it only adds depth to your impression making one, in this case you, more lovely. The expression on your face makes me laugh out loud hahahaha! I really should have saved that picture Stryker took of me sleeping, such a reality check, and super funny but, I couldn’t bare the fact I looked so much like my mom!

  3. I think you are beautiful from every angle, inside & out…….welcome home my beautiful girl………….Love, Gaga xoxoxo

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