Home again, home again

Well, we made it home. Josephine was so ready to be home that she pleaded with me not to stop on the four and a half hour drive home. When I told her that Mama needs to pee, she said, “No! You wait stop to pee at home!!”. Um, ok, sure.

We returned home just in time for Taylor and me to celebrate our 45th anniversary (or ninth, whatevs). After some quality family time we took Josephine to spend a couple of hours at her Grammy’s house so we could go to dinner and stare lovingly into each others eyes and talk about when we first fell in love so many years ago. (Actually, we had some drinks and laughed about how dorky we both are, same difference right?).

In (un)related dork news, I bought Taylor the Lord of the Rings Trilogy extended edition nerd pack for our anniversary. He was losing nerd street cred by not owning it, and for goodness sake, his nerd reputation was on the line. The big gift, however, is that I’m actually going to watch all three movies with him. I have been refusing to do this for a while, since the first movie frightened me so badly that I had to leave the theater to calm down, and my neck hurt for three days from the anxiety. But here it is, 9 years later and I’m finally giving in. Now that’s love, folks. In all it’s compromising glory.
So, happy anniversary Taylor. I love you and our life we’ve made. Here’s to another 67 years!



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