Just Start

Yesterday Josephine and I started clearing out what is soon to become our garden area. It is currently part of the goat pen, however, the posts are set to fence it off, and it’s time to start the prep work.
There was a lot of debris in there…chunks of concrete, old fence parts we were using to reinforce the fence when the asshole goats were around, lots of rocks. It felt really good to get started. Taylor reminded me that “every little bit helps”, and so I just picked a spot (as Taylor advised, smartypants that he is) and got to workin’.
Today marked the first day where I wasn’t focussed on the end, but enjoying the process of doing something in my yard. My own lovely yard. And so I cleared debris and sifted through rocks and pulled large tufts of weeds. And Josephine hunted worms, painted with the goat trough water and moved dirt around. Such a lovely day. Such a lovely state of mind.
And I also caught a glimpse of what our springs are going to be like out in that garden and man, oh boy, am I excited!



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