I am feeling stressed, which is unfortunate, since I just returned from a truly wonderful weekend of camping and fun at the Strawberry Music Festival (stories and pictures to come). Real life has a way of doing that to you, I suppose. Today I lack patience, which makes everything harder for everyone. I just want to go to sleep and stay there for a week with no one talking to me. Post vacation blues? Pretty much. I need another vacation. A little hair of the vacation dog that bit me, if you will. Luckily Josephine and I are going to Seattle soon to visit my sister, brother in law, and my beautiful new nephew, Emmett. That should do the trick! If I suffer from post vacation depression after that one, I always have our October trip to Vegas (sans baby) to look forward to. That should get me through until the holidays. I know, I know, poor me.


2 responses to “Stressed

  1. Does this make you a “Mom Blogger”? It’s funny, I often think that just a trip here or there with my little lad will make me less stressed and relaxed, but it’s not exactly the case. It isn’t the opposite either. It’s just that there is still work in my play, like a shot of cream in my rum….just a little too thick to settle. This weekend I turned down Pismo for my backyard and I think it was a really good move. Though that road bug itches despite the exhaustion (I’m working on a Hawaii trip for December). I don’t have helpful advice or anything, just sharing. I covet your Seattle trip and miss you two. When you get a free weekend, let me know, we need to replay our Santa Cruz days.

  2. Totally hear you, Em. I’ve been having the same struggle all week! Love you!

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