I have been on home pause for the last week or so. I really haven’t done anything to move towards having the house settled or getting the land in order.
Work has been ridiculously busy, which my colleague keeps saying is the new normal (and I have the sinking feeling he is right). I have been in meetings pretty solid for about three weeks. It has been slightly exhausting (I’m being kind on that one. It has been downright excruciating, especially given the amount of work I still need to get done in between all these meetings). Also, my neck decided that this was a good week to take a shit on me, so I was mostly unable to move my head for a couple of days. Add to that one sleepless night due to neck pain and worrying, and a child who has decided that she would like to wake up to cry for 5 minutes right when I have just gotten to sleep each night, and you have the picture of my week.
Tired of hearing me complain? Yeah, me too.
So here’s the deal folks. I am going to tell you what I am going to accomplish by the end of the weekend. If I don’t accomplish said goals, I will pay all three of you who read this $5. Deal?! Juuuuust kidding. But really, if I don’t accomplish my goals, feel free to harass me about it until the end of my days. Sound good? OK! Now, on to the goals. I should say, my weekend is fairly busy with Uncle Spencey and Auntie Chris coming over today to spend some long overdue quality time, the Thrift Store Outfit playing at the Oakdale Concert in the Park tonight (shameless plug, starts at six if you are in the area), and the much anticipated Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party we were invited to tomorrow at noon (my child might die when she meets Plex and Foofa. Seriously. She has an addiction and I fear overdose).
My practical list (trying not to set myself up for failure):
1. Dust the house
2. Clean the bathroom
3. Mop/sweep the floors (so easy with my new fantastic Shark cleaner. That thing is epically bad ass. I cried tears of joy when Taylor bought it for me. Same as I cried when he bought me a new washing machine days before Josephine was born. Apparently the way to my heart is through home cleaning devices. But I digress.. )
4. Harvest my tomatoes
5. Dehydrate tomatoes
6. Get my dresser drawers in (yes, only half of my dresser drawers are in. My clothes are in piles on top. I’m a classy lady)
7. Finish weeding around the swing set
8. Beware of wasps while weeding around the swing set (one of the little bastards got me last weekend. No fun)
9. Start weeding the fire pit area
10. Look through boxes of CDs to find that one you have been looking for for years
11. Finish washing and putting away all the blankets

OK, I think that’s enough for now. I’m pretty sure I can knock this shit out. In fact, I’m going to start riiiiiiiiiight NOW!
Happy Friday!



One response to “Paused

  1. sounds like you need to invest in a weed wacker, they are also super awesome.

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