Guilt Free!

Today I decided to take some well deserved relaxation and play time with Josephine. Without the guilt. On Friday night I was having supper at a friends house, and my friend Cynthia and I started talking about guilt. Both of us had experienced paralyzing guilt for not being more productive. Hers born from a toxic job environment, mine born from some need to succeed at everything and please everyone (so realistic, I know). What the heck?! Cynthia brought up a fantastic point. What good does it do wasting time berating yourself for not being productive enough? Why not just be proud of what you do get done and let go a little if you aren’t always on top of your game. I was re-reading my very first blog post explaining why I started this blog, and I remembered a huge part of it is balance. As it is I take pride in feeling good when I’m super productive, but I feel guilty or LAZY when I’m having fun or not working toward a goal. No, folks, I’m not backsliding into lazy town. Lazy is when you are sitting around doing nothing when there is something to be done. Just for sittings sake. What I’m talking about is taking life in, relishing in the simple moments, and just having fun. If I don’t do that, then what’s the point? Enjoying your life should be just that: enjoyable. And so I took today. A guilt free enjoying the day kind of day. And it was AWESOME! It started with playtime, then we met our friends Rachel and Meyer for brunch, then music class, then more playtime in the music class parking lot. After that Josephine and I returned home to look at the fish. Josephine claimed the empty dishwasher spot for her very own club house, and then we went to Mountain Sage Nursery in Groveland to watch Daddy’s Band (The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit) play. This just might be the best weekend I’ve had. Ever. My house may need cleaning and the weeds are taking over, but who cares? We had a blast!










One response to “Guilt Free!

  1. I know all about that guilt. There are days here and there where all I’ve done is play with the kids and then after they go to bed, I look at my house and realize I have done nothing else. As a stay at home Mom, part of my job is naturally to keep the house in shape and do laundry and all that other boring stuff. But then I have to remind myself about the reason I wanted this for my life right now, so I could spend that time with my kids. The laundry and all that other stuff will still be there the next day but my kids will not stay this little for very long. So I indulge in the playtime 🙂 I’m glad you had a great weekend, it sure does look like a lot of fun! That girl of yours is so sweet!

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