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How to get to breastfeeding street

I read this article yesterday and it made me tear up a little. What really got me is how strongly people feel that women should be ashamed of breastfeeding. It makes me sick to think that people feel the need to hide, not talk about, shy away from breastfeeding.
For some reason the comments underneath really moved me. So much love and support for children and breastfeeding. My feelings are pretty simple. Breastfeeding is beautiful, and I don’t think it should be a big deal at all. I would love it if we could all just treat the site (or thought) of a woman breastfeeding as nonchalantly as the site of bottle feeding.
Women don’t want to be able to walk around topless, show their boobs to the world, shove their breasts in your face (although I’ve seen many men hoot and holler joyously when this happens when a baby is not attached to the breast). They just want to be able to feed their children in peace, without stares, comments, judgment.
It’s not gross, disgusting, unconscionable. People don’t care that bikini models flaunt tons of cleavage on the front of magazines on the supermarket shelves. Put a child to that breast (the same breast who’s main function it is to feed a baby) and all hell breaks loose.
This would be like me saying to you, “you know, it’s ok for you to wear reading glasses to look sexy, but if you need to use them to read with, go in another room. That’s just gross.” Really people? Gross?
I think the public is gross.
Bring it Sesame Street!