Dinner Conversation

Tonight when we sat down to dinner, Josephine looked at me and said, “So Mama, how’s your day at work?”. I am a proud mama! She is so kind and thoughtful tonight. Yesterday, however, when we were talking about some cousins she recently visited she told me she wanted to “kick ’em and sock ’em and poop on ’ems faces.” At least dinner time isn’t boring.
On a completely different note, have you ever tried goat wrangling? It’s an excellent form of exercise. I highly recommend it. I think I’m going to start letting the goats out into the yard every evening and then chasing them around as an extra way to get moving. Do you think people would pay to take my goat wrangling class? It could be the new Zumba. I’m going to be rich!



3 responses to “Dinner Conversation

  1. Emily, I want you to know that I ALWAYS read your blog, it is my favorite! And all week, whenever I think of something I don’t like, I think “I wanna kick ’em and sock ’em and poop on ’em’s faces!” Love it!

  2. Who even SAYS “sock ’em” anymore? Love it!

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