Movin’ on Up!

Every Little Bit Counts

Oh my goodness, over the course of the past week and a half we have been moving to our new home and HOLY CRAP!  it is testing my conviction to not being lazy.  Holy Crap!  I have been moving car load after car load after car load, and Taylor has been moving car load after car load after car load after freaking car load.  It’s unbelievable…we are just getting inundated with our own shit at our new house piling up over the new beautiful home that we created and it is so overwhelming.

Moving food is nasty, just saying.

I’ve really had to use a lot of crazy positive self talk to get myself through this move.  I don’t know how many times I have said, “EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS”.  I take load after load and then I look at my stuff and it doesn’t look like I’ve done anything.  Yeah, that is what I have been feeling like.  Crazy.  EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS.  That has gotten me through.  It’s as bad the first day as it is on the last day.  Let me tell you.

Forget the cheating. Moving music gear is why you should never date a musician. much music gear!

So far we have moved almost everything except a mirror, a large plant, hoses, and trash.  Oh lord, the trash.  We have so much trash at both houses.  Taylor will be taking two dump runs tomorrow.  It’s frustrating when  all you want to do is just make your new house your home, and instead you have to spend all this time cleaning and working at your old house.  I am done.  Done, done, done, done, done!

And on top of that I miss Josephine so very badly.  I have been dropping her at Ga Ga’s house every morning and not picking her up until 7 or 8 each night.  Not enough time.  Not at all.

Josephine loves her Ga!

But on a brighter note, Josephine is taking to the move exceptionally well other than waking up too early (hello, 5:50?  Whatever, Josephine.  You are lucky you are cute and funny). She is so happy to be at Buddy’s house.

She loves it, and it makes me so happy!

A play date, already?? Odessa came over while her dad, Brian, finished grouting our tile in the entryway. It was great fun watching the girls run through the house. Can't wait for more kid fun to come!

It’s coming together, slowly but surely.  But seriously, guys.  This has tested my resolve for being not lazy for sure.  And Taylor…Sorry I’ve been so bitchy.  It’s the heat and my aching back and knee.  I’ll return to normal shortly!

It's a give us hope that it will all end soon, Jesus appeared in Taylor's sweat stains last night. A sign? Perhaps a sign to crank up that new Central Air that we just had installed 🙂

And a quick shout out to those who have made this move possible.  To my mother for listening to me freaking out about everything from my hurt knee to falling behind at work to the fact that I don’t have any food but I’m hungry.  Having you on the phone was a necessity for my sanity.  Thank you!  To our amazing friends who have really powered through and helped us out.  We would probably be dead or broken up if not for you all.  I thank you all with all of my heart!  And last but not least to the amazing Ga Ga:  Jane Young.  You have taken care of our daughter for days on end with nary a complaint.  I know she is probably running you ragged even though you would never say such a thing.  It is wonderful that we don’t have to worry about anything with Josephine while you are with her.  Thank you for being here to support us.  Taylor and I (and Josephine too) love you more than we could ever say.

Get back to work, Bo. But seriously, thank you for helping and for bringing us berries!

And now, back to loading crap up.  Because it’s the never ending move y’all.  And thank goodness we own this amazing home, because I am not moving again until I can afford to have someone move my shit for me.

My back yard. I can't wait to hang out there with friends. It's coming soon. I can feel it!



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  1. I just read through your whole blog and it was so nice to get an update on what you guys have been doing! Congratulations on the house and land!!

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