And so it begins…

Well folks, I am officially off work for the next week or so to move into our new home!  Are you excited?!  Jumping for joy?! Can hardly stand it?!  I know, me too.  Now, calm down a minute and take a deep breath.  Phewwwwwww.

When I got to the house this morning, Taylor greeted me in front.  You see, the carpet was installed yesterday, which pretty much seals the deal.  The house is mostly finished (minus hooking up the new central heat and air, a tiny bit of grout work and tile sealing in the entry way, and plumbing the back bathroom, but hey, close enough for me!).  Taylor walked me in the front door and I almost cried.  Seriously.  Tears of joy.  This house is just beautiful.  I can hardly stand it.  When I spend time there I think of how amazingly lucky we are to have been able to renovate and do things the way we want them.  Then I start thinking about all the good times our family is destined for and all the love we will bring to the house, and BAM!, emotion city!

I am also totally nervous about my ability to keep this house and property up to snuff.  I have been having slight panic attacks realizing how much I want to do and how little time I actually have (and now for the breathing again, deep breath, calm down).  I know that we will come up with a system and a routine and things are going to just fall into place, but OH LORD!, that just hasn’t happened yet.

Today I spent my day (from about 10 am until 5:15 or so), cleaning the kitchen.  Seriously, cleaning the hell out of the kitchen.  My fingers are aching from the rub rub rubbing I did to try to get the paint marks off the cabinets that have been there since 1950 when the house was freaking built.  But it looks beautiful, no?

After all of that I swept the beautiful wood floors (did I mention we put in hard wood floors in the hallway, dining room, music area?  It is decadent!), cleaned up the sun room, and took a thousand “After” pictures.  I am so so so so so so so so so so very excited, and I am so grateful to Taylor and all the amazing work and love he’s poured into our beautiful home.  It really is just how we imagined it.  And now I will die of happiness.  The End. 🙂


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