Happy Fourth of July

On this here Independence Day weekend, I have a declaration to make!  I have partner guilt.  There, I said it.  Even though I know that I am doing my part by playing with, feeding, and taking care of Josephine when I am not at work, I feel super guilty about not doing enough out at the house.  I should inform you that Taylor does not do anything to make me feel this way.  He constantly reminds me that right now raising our daughter is more than enough.  I just simply wish I could be helping more.  This week Taylor was out at the house 7 days, working his butt off to get things finished.  Sure, I weeded Buddy’s pen and did a few other things, but I feel like I should contribute a bit more to the construction process (although it would probably drive everyone out there crazy since I would have no freaking idea what I was doing).

checking it out

Josephine and Taylor check out the tile.

Yesterday I went out to the house to bring Taylor lunch as he kicked ass and worked on  some projects (leveling the dining room floor and starting the master bathroom tile, woot woot!).  Today Taylor was out at the house at 7am irrigating, working on floors and tiles again.  It is taking all I can muster to give in and let myself do the job that I am doing already.  I am fighting off guilt and feeling lazy, but in the end, it’s good to know my role.  And I made Taylor homemade enchiladas to prove it.

Plus, how bad is it that I got to go swimming with this face twice this weekend?



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