Pleased to Meet You

Lazy to living…that is my goal.  I suppose I should tell you a little bit about myself to explain why I started this here blog.

I am lazy.  I like to sit and watch TV.  Drink cocktails and hang out.  Need someone to gap off on the computer for hours?  Sign me up!  Don’t get me wrong, I like the way it feels after I get out and move my body, but getting up and getting going isn’t my cup of tea (or hot chocolate rather.  Did I mention I love junk food?).  I am so lazy, you see, that I have been thinking about writing this particular blog for over a month, and I’ve been thinking about writing a blog in general for almost two years.   I have aspirations.  I want to eat locally and be crafty and make my own yogurt.  All of that stuff.  And I think about that shit all the time, but actually doing it?  Not so much. You see, the way I see myself is wholly different than the way I really am.  I am looking to align those two views a little.

But how to get started?  I’m hoping this blog will help me.  I can chronicle my challenges, celebrate my accomplishments, tell my stories, vent my frustrations.  You know, hold myself accountable a little.  Get up and GO!

So here comes the kick me in the ass kicker.  Are you ready? (I’m totally not ready).

My fiancé and I recently bought a house.  And contrary to my lazy girl lifestyle, it isn’t a house in town with a couple rooms, a small yard, and not a lot of maintenance…NOOOOOO, what we went and did is we bought ourselves some land.  2 ½ acres to be exact.  With 3 barns, four pastures, a three bedroom two bathroom house, and a lot of work.  I mean a lot of work.

When we bought the farm (so to speak), we lived in a bigger home on less than an acre.  (Still live in the rental, actually.  We are renovating said farm house.  Have been for two or three months in fact).  The rental house was (is) a lot of maintenance with cleaning, but there was (is) surely enough room to hide my lazy messes in the extra bedroom or behind the office doors.  Also, our rent includes a gardener.  Three lovely men come to our rental every Wednesday and power through the yard work.  They mow, they edge, they prune and cut back the ivy, they spray weed killer (nasty).  They do the work.  We reap the benefits.  I will miss them the most (sob).

So let me paint you a picture:  I work four days a week.   7:45 – 4:15, about a half hour drive from my home.  I love my job, so I feel really grateful for that, and I tend to be a bit less lazy there.  We have some pets.  A fat cat named Bacheecho and a couple of goldfish (shout out to Sherbert and Tiny, what’s up bubble makers!).  At the new house we have an awesome rodent hunting wiener dog named Buddy and five goats (Duck, Billy, and the three someone pays us to keep that we hate…more on asshole goats later).  We also have a kid.  Josephine is a year and a half and ridiculously great.  She is funny and smart and beautiful, and I am totally an annoying mom who can’t stop talking about the amazing things my kid did.  Just wait. I’m sure I’ll bore you with stories of how fantastic she is at some point.  It really is only a matter of time.  We are pretty active with her.  We play outside.   We have dance parties in the living room.  We go to the park.  But I’ve noticed that sometimes – a lot of times- I sit while she runs around.  And I get tired, and I get bored, and I turn to lazy play to get me through.  I want to be a vibrant mom (cue sad music).  I want to get out and play hard with my daughter.  I want to be able to keep up with her energy and joy.  I want to set a good example for her that you work hard, play hard, and after it’s all said and done, you relax and enjoy it all hard.  You know…I want it all.

So, I have a confession to make.  I am not the only lazy one in my house.  Nope, not at all.   That lovely fiancé of mine (hi, love!) also leans to the lazy side.  It seems like when one of us is motivated to work hard, the other hits the lazy limits and is all, “hey, I brought some ice cream home, let’s sit on this awesome couch and watch some crazy tv…what’da ya say?”  Recently, he has been a powerhouse.  Working long hours and tirelessly to renovate our new house (he is handy and I love it!).  I am definitely the ice cream buying lazy half of our relationship right now.  I am sure he’s totally going to love that I’m calling him out on the internet (just remember, we bought a house together, we have a kid together, you are stuck with me, through blogging and thin).

Here it is internets.  I am going to catalog for you all the things I am doing to go (read in an echo-y voice) FROM LAZY TO LIVING, ING, ING, ING…ING!

I am sure I will have missteps.   I am sure I will end up laying on my couch on a beautiful day eating ice cream and ignoring the immense amount of work I should be doing.  But really, simply, my goal is to live a better life.  To set a good example for my daughter, to become more self sustaining (what’s up, green revolution), and to feel good in my body and in my soul.  Is that too lofty of a goal?  Stay tuned…


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