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Nice Sunny Day

Instead of lounging on my couch all day, as I wanted to do this morning, I called some friends and had them over for a play date. This was perfect, as it forced me to whirlwind style clean up a little bit AAAAAND got me off my couch and out into the backyard with Josephine and our friends (the two guests and their children came over one right after another, so we had a nice little break for lunch…perfect). This plan also enabled me to stay in my yoga pants all day, let me visit with two wonderful women who I rarely see or spend any one on one time with, gave Josephine some much needed kid time, and wore my little J bird out so she went down for a nap with nary a whimper. Quite the nice day. I’d say darn near perfect. And it isn’t even 4:00. Life is lookin’ up!

And did I mention how much I love my back yard? Because I fell in love with it again today. In love.