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Perfect timing

Well, folks, we made it. And weatherwise we had perfect timing! When I left Strawberry Music Festival after working on Thursday (I have a job up there so I get in for free, so I have been going up on Wednesday night by myself, sleeping in my car, working Thursday morning, coming home, working my real job at home, and going back up Saturday for a couple of festivals. Got that? I think I really am crazy).
So, back to it. When I left Thursday to come home, it was sunny and beautiful. Then, it rained/snowed/hailed all day Friday and Saturday morning. When I returned with Josephine Saturday afternoon it was cold and overcast, but the rain was through. Sunday was beautiful! Today was even better. Good job, me.
Josephine got to run and play, swim in the lake, play in the creek, dance, eat Popsicles, make new friends. All of the things that keep me coming back to Strawberry (even though the music line up is not so much most of the time). It is fun to see her enjoy herself as much as I did as a kid.
We had a magical moment at the lake (after she pooped in the grass. She is so ready to be done with diapers) after she was done swimming where I lay in the grass as she lay her head on my stomach, and we lounged quietly in the sun, watching people. It was lovely and peaceful, and I’ll treasure the moment forever.
And so we are back and unpacked. Laundry is going, and we have taken our Strawberry baths. We will now begin relaxing! Summer has begun!





I didn’t take many pictures because I forgot my real camera, so this is it. Photo of Josephine and me by Kristy Weiss, Facebook stolen 🙂


Because I like to suffer..,

I am taking Josephine camping at the Strawberry Music Festival with me and it is supposed to be cold and rain tomorrow. Also, I have been offered a free camp by myself and Taylor will stay home with Josephine pass, and I’m choosing not to take it. I must be crazy.
I wrote this poem (in five minutes) all about it:

I hope it gets sunny
I’ll feel like a dummy
If tomorrow it starts to snow

I hope for my child
The weather stays mild
Or Taylor will say “Told you so”

I may come home soaked
It’s the truth, it’s no joke
I may just be out of my mind

But however it goes
If it’s sunny or snows
It’s gonna be Strawberry time!

Wish me luck, folks!