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Pooper Scooper

First off, I apologize in advance for the number of times I’m about to say poop. Secondly, if you plan on reading my blog, get used to it. Recently, Josephine has been all about poop. Horse poop, dog poop, goat poop, mommy poop, Josephine poop, it’s all fascinating to her. I can’t tell you how many times in the last week I’ve said, “Josephine, put that poop down! We do not play with goat/dog/any poop!” This afternoon we were playing/working in the yard. Josephine was playing with water in her “own swimming pool” (a plastic tub). She was running around “nakie baby” as she calls it, since the girl can’t be outside with her clothes on. I was weeding the concrete area close by and keeping an eye out for Josephine (safety first!). All off a sudden Josephine yells out, “Go potty! Poop in grass!”. Since she almost always tells me she needs to go to the toilet when she has to go and we’re outside (she was thinking she was a dog and freaking LOVED! pooping in the grass a while back, so we worked hard on pooping in the toilet like a classy lady), and she sometimes mixes up the words pee and poop, I didn’t think twice when she ran her “nakie baby” self over to the grass (because apparently we’ve decided that it’s all right and fine to pee on the grass, but pooping is a no no. Got that?). Fast forward, say, thirty seconds to me running over because, lo and behold, my little lady is, indeed, taking a lovely, classy shit on the grass. I wish this was the end of my story, but no, it is not. Immediately, as I was picking Josephine up so she wouldn’t step in said poop, Buddy the dog ran right up and snatched up the poop IN HIS MOUTH! I yelled, he dropped it and ran, but the damage was done. Josephine is now fond of saying this sentence over and over: “Josephine poop in grass aaaand Buddy eat it. So funny!”. Funny, I guess, but really, so, so gross.
And that concludes my poop story. Carry on.