Pasture thoughts

Some things I learned while irrigating (by myself) for the first time last night (Taylor had a show out of town and we had a 6pm irrigation time):

1. My boots are cracked and leak water in. Poop water all in my toes. Yep.

2. Not a good idea to watch crime shows before going out to open gates in the dark at 11 pm.

3. I have a weed pulling problem, and can’t keep myself from stopping to pull weeds in wet boots, in the dark, in ankle high water at 11:00 at night. Help me.

4. We have the best neighbors. They were staying up on the lookout for four unfamiliar teenagers that were walking around the neighborhood (have no fear, ended up one of them was from up the street).

5. I should go sit outside at midnight more often. The stars. Oh, the stars. Pure beauty.



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