Flying high!


Josephine and I made it through her first flight. It was only (thankfully) two hours long, but nonetheless we made it through. We flew to Seattle, Washington to spend time with my sister, brother in law, and to meet my strong miracle of a nephew Emmett, who is seriously awesome! I am totally in love in a way I didn’t think was possible outside of my own child.
Now, back to the flight…

Sorry for the bad pictures! It was too cramped to take any good ones 😦

The flight was packed, and it was pretty tight with Josephine riding on my lap (yep, I cheaply went the free lap baby route). Although we will return home the same way on Monday, and we probably won’t fly again before Josephine turns two in November (already?!?!), I will not again fly with a toddler in my lap. Never Ever. We did just fine, Josephine was cute and still and super well behaved, but at any minute she could have lost her shit, pooped, or worse, asked to nurse. Which would have been fine if we had two seats, but with how close airplane seats are, it would have been like she was crying or pooping or nursing RIGHT ON TOP of the woman we were seated next to. I am pretty sure I would have had to fold Josephine in half to nurse without half her body resting on the lady next door. And then my breast would have been mere inches away from her hand, which would have just been awkward. But enough about my breasts, because none of that happened. Josephine played and drew and ate. She was pretty much perfect the entire flight. I loved watching her look out the window and see lakes and hearing her say, “me swim that water some day.” I loved hearing her talk about the tooth fairy who lives in the clouds (her imagination is really taking off!). I would have liked it all 100 X better with two seats though. Oh well, live and learn.
A special thanks goes out to the magna doodle. It was the only toy I could pull out in such close quarters. It’s my new favorite thing in the world!


Waiting for our flight and playing with reusable stickers *thanks Rachel and Meyer!*

We made it!


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